GamingReview: Farm Manager 2022

Review: Farm Manager 2022


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I often drive by farms as I make my way through the countryside from one town to another, every now and again I wonder what’s it is like to work on a farm. When I mean work on a farm I mean actually getting a farm as a business to work from top to bottom. As you venture through a supermarket you’ll see plenty of fruit and veg that has been grown in farms, lots of meat which has come from farms and obviously milk. What does it take to make a life running a farm? Well Farm Manager 2022 gives you that opportunity!

Growing crops

Farm Manager 2022 which you could probably tell from the title is the latest in the Farm Manager series. Farm Manager 2022 is not for the faint hearted, it’s very much a farm management simulation game that lets you see everything and control every little process. You can grow vegetables, even organic vegetables, there are a variety of machines that you can use when working in the field. You can buy and sell those on the stock market. You’re even given the opportunity to look for bargains among used machines. Previous players will have experienced playing with bees, goats, cows and sheep. In Farm Manager 2022 for the first time it allows you to set up things like a fish farm or a quail farm. You will need to build a mechanic’s garage to help maintain your machinery, implement a veterinary centre to look after your animals and also create many other buildings to keep things ticking along at your farm. You’ll also need staff to run your farm, some permanent some seasonal and they have their own wants as well. Farm Manager 2022 is about the detail.

Pigs stuffing themselves

There are 3 modes in Farm Manager 2022 which are Campaign, Tutorial and Free Mode. I’d suggest spending a fair bit of time in the Tutorial mode because you’ll need it. However, the tutorial mode isn’t the most user friendly you’ll come across and doesn’t quite cover all you need for the Campaign mode. You’ll find yourself having to restart a fair bit as you realise you’ve done things in an inefficient manner. When you add buildings, they need to connect to roads and there needs to be enough electricity to run it. Staff need housing near these buildings otherwise nothing will happen. There isn’t enough hand holding at the start of Farm Manager 2022 which can make it more frustrating than it should be, it’s only a minor shame because there is a very complex and interesting game contained within Farm Manager 2022, you just have to be patient.

Just checking on my animals

Visually, Farm Manager 2022 isn’t great on a couple of fronts. The menu system is massive, there are a lot of options and there are times when the text is just too small to be seen clearly. The buildings and moving parts like birds are a tad on the low polygon side. Farm life just like in real life is slow for periods so you better be prepared for the long haul to make things work, Farm Manager 2022 gives back as much as you put into it.

Farm Manager 2022 is a resource intensive game that requires a lot of your time for you to get enjoyment out of it. If you are willing to see past the under par graphics then you will find Farm Manager 2022 is full of engaging moments as your farm becomes bigger and better. If you have an interest in farming or management simulations then you’ll definitely find plenty to keep you busy in Farm Manager 2022.


+ Intense resource management
+ Excellent campaign mode
+ Wide selection of crops and animals
- Poor graphics
- Menus are too small
- Slow pace

(Reviewed on PS4. Also available on Xbox One and PS5.)
Christopher McNally
Christopher McNally
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+ Intense resource management<br /> + Excellent campaign mode <br /> + Wide selection of crops and animals <br /> - Poor graphics <br /> - Menus are too small <br /> - Slow pace <br /> <br /> (Reviewed on PS4. Also available on Xbox One and PS5.)Review: Farm Manager 2022