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Review: Teslagrad 2


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Teslagrad 2 is yet another Metroidvania title that I can tick off of my list. However, unlike its peers, this is a pretty passive affair. What I mean is the protagonist is a lover, not a fighter. As such, she’ll avoid combat at all costs and this was an interesting twist. Other than this, it follows the familiar tropes, albeit set in a beautiful world.

Developed by Rain Games and published by Modus Games, this is a Metroidvania experience. Moreover, it relies heavily on physics-based puzzles and plenty of fast-paced action. Consequently, you’ll need to be agile and dextrous if you wish to succeed. What’s more, you must be resilient as death and failure go hand-in-hand.

The shadow creatures are a pain in the arse.
Probably best to avoid the shadow creatures.

Teslagrad 2 tells a mysterious story. 

Odd and mysterious stories can be confusing and off-putting. Yet, Teslagrad 2 does a great job of executing this unpopular approach. With drip-fed lore, murals, paintings, and collectable cards, you can piece together the story at your own pace. However, much of the action is shrouded in mystery and this could annoy some of you. 

You control Lumina, a young Teslamancer who crashes in Wyrmheim. Attacked by Viking raiders, she must explore this dangerous Northern land while trying to get home to her family. She’ll use her speed, wits, and electromagnetic powers to avoid monsters, solve puzzles, and traverse great chasms. Furthermore, by learning new abilities, Lumina can explore otherwise unreachable spaces and overcome cruel and relentless bosses.

Familiar gameplay. 

If you love the genre, the gameplay will be familiar. Accordingly, the usual non-linear approach is taken, and a massive world must be explored. Moreover, new abilities and challenging arenas must be mastered if you wish to progress. However, what makes Teslagrad 2 stand out is its excellent physics-based mechanics. 

Lumina’s electric powers enable her to dash, swim, leap, and act like a magnet. Whenever she uses her abilities, a blue hue surrounds her body. This mind-bending power can be combined with red and blue magnetic areas to attract and repel the protagonist. If you plan your path correctly, you’ll bounce between the areas and avoid gaps, monsters, and traps. However, this is easier said than done, as you must time every action perfectly. 

The hero runs away from the Vikings.
Keep jumping and avoid those Vikings.

Death, death, and more death.

The requirement to be perfect is quite frustrating! However, it creates a rewarding experience whenever you get things right. Additionally, as you grab new gear to learn each ability, you must string together a complex array of skills to overcome each objective. Now, this may seem like a pain in the arse, but it wasn’t. Instead, you’ll enjoy dashing, floating, swimming, and smashing your way through each arena.

If you make a mistake, you’ll die! Whether it’s a shadowy creature, spikes, a chasm, or an electric beam, they are all deadly. Yet, this matters not, as the developers are generous with their checkpoints. Consequently, when you die, you respawn immediately and can continue where you left off.

Teslagrad 2 looks incredible. 

I love a vibrant fantasy world. Thankfully, Teslagrad 2 looks incredible. With its weird alien landscape, vibrant electrified fields, and strange blend of monsters, it is stunning to look at. What’s more, the varied backdrops and intelligent stage design keep you focused throughout. On top of this, the map is big enough to add depth, but it never feels overwhelming.

Visually, Teslagrad 2 blew me away. However, I cherished the Nordic soundtrack more. The unusual music creates a serene atmosphere. This was strange as it juxtaposes the drama that unfolds. Yet, I didn’t mind as the folksy soundtrack was calming and pleasant to listen to. This was complemented by the occasionally obnoxious sound effects. With shrill noises and crunching thuds, it all adds to the excitement. 

Stick to the walls in Teslagrad 2.
Avoid the flames and stick to the walls.

Brilliant controls. 

The challenging parkour action can be frustrating. Yet, most of the failure you’ll experience is down to user error. Thankfully, the developers have created a brilliant control system that is easy to understand. Additionally, whenever new elements were added, a basic tutorial was used to explain the fundamentals. As such, you never felt out of your depth. 

Though Teslagrad 2 is a short game, there is plenty of replay value. Thanks to the massive list of collectables and the large map to explore, this will keep you busy. Moreover, mastering each new ability will test the toughest of players. Alongside this, some of the puzzles will test your methodical mindset, and this enhances the difficulty further still.

Teslagrad 2 is a great Metroidvania experience. 

Though the mould isn’t broken, Teslagrad 2 is a great Metroidvania experience. Thanks to its colourful world, interesting mechanics, and strange lore, it is fascinating to play. Moreover, the music is atmospheric and phenomenal to listen to. However, it isn’t long enough, and this was disappointing. Yet, I loved it and I recommend that you buy it here! Can you make it home? Learn new skills, complete every puzzle, and avoid the Viking menace. 


Teslagrad 2 is an excellent Metroidvania title with a physics-based twist. Moreover, there are some interesting puzzles and an interesting world to explore. However, it isn't long enough and this will disappoint some people.

+ It is a great looking indie title.
+ I loved the soundtrack.
+ The lore is great.
+ Excellent controls.
+ Plenty of replay value.

- It isn't long enough.
- The puzzles weren't complex enough for my liking.

(Rating: PEGI 3 Release date: 19/04/2023 Price: £16.74)

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5)

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<p class="has-text-align-justify" style="font-size:14px"><em>Teslagrad 2</em> is an excellent Metroidvania title with a physics-based twist. Moreover, there are some interesting puzzles and an interesting world to explore. However, it isn't long enough and this will disappoint some people.</p><br/> + It is a great looking indie title.<br/> + I loved the soundtrack.<br/> + The lore is great.<br/> + Excellent controls.<br/> + Plenty of replay value.<br/> <br/> - It isn't long enough.<br/> - The puzzles weren't complex enough for my liking.<br/> <br/> <p class="has-text-align-center" style="font-size:10px">(<b>Rating:</b> PEGI 3 <b>Release date:</b> 19/04/2023 <b>Price:</b> £16.74)</p><br/> <p class="has-text-align-center" style="font-size:10px">(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5)</p><br/>Review: Teslagrad 2