Review: Rain World

A cruel and challenging Metroidvania experience.

Review: Blasphemous 2

What do you get when you mix penance, guilt, brutal difficulty and an extremely large hat? Blasphemous 2, of course!

Review: Grime: Tinge of Terror

https://youtu.be/Jkr_tJGEENE Grime: Tinge of Terror is the much anticipated DLC for Grime: Colors of Rot. This was a game I reviewed in January and you...

Review: Evil Wizard(Xbox)

https://youtu.be/ORnhpZySpxY Evil Wizard(Xbox) is a smutty and humour-filled affair that'll drive you insane. Between the many belly laughs you'll scream as you are killed for...

Review: Teslagrad 2

A stunning metroidvania that'll blow your mind.

Review: The Last Case of Benedict Fox

A delightfully morbid Metroidvania that is full of puzzles.

Review: The Library of Babel

A Sci-Fi stealth game that fails to reach its potential.

Review: Rusted Moss

The moment that Rusted Moss clicked for me came about halfway through. I had been throwing myself at a particularly difficult platforming section for...

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Review: Shalnor Legends II: Trials of Thunder

Setting up a proper sequel can be quite challenging since you have to attract both new players as well as new ones. While some...

Review: Humankind