GamingReview: AMVR Leather Face Cushion (PICO 4)

Review: AMVR Leather Face Cushion (PICO 4)


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The AMVR Leather Face Cushion for PICO 4 (N4FC1) is the best answer to a problem faced by many PICO 4 owners. How to make the headset more comfortable to wear.


The most important factor for any accessory is that it’s simple to use, won’t cause damage, and is quick to install. If you can get it right, you’ll have a great product on your hands. The facemask from AMVR takes advantage of one of my favourite features of the PICO 4 – magnets! Installation is honestly as simple as pulling the stock face cover off and letting this one drop into place, snapping securely with the guide pegs and magnets. It’s beautifully simple.

Design and Comfort

There aren’t too many ways you can design a face cover for a VR headset; you’re bound by the constraints of the device and the practical aspects required. The AMVR Leather Face Cushion features a padded PU leather cushion that fits around the eyes and nose with a pre-installed silicone nose cover to prevent light from leaking in and spoiling the VR immersion. The frame is plastic, and the thing feels robust. During gameplay sessions, I never felt like it was flimsy or going to break on me. With only a discrete logo, it looks good when installed. I can also confirm it’s compatible with glasses, but if you want a little extra space, it will also work with the extender provided with the headset. The cushioned pad is attached via Velcro, so you can do this if you need to remove it for cleaning.

Comfort-wise, the face cushion is exceptional. It’s a noticeable difference between the firmer stock face cover and will easily sustain you for lengthy periods of wear. If you’re someone that doesn’t get on with the stock cover, this is the one I recommend. Over time the cushion can get a bit warm, but it wasn’t bad enough for me to stop gameplay. The face cover also features ventilation, which is a great addition.

What’s in the Box

In the box, you get:

  • 1x AMVR Leather Face Cushion
  • 1x Cleaning cloth
  • 1x Instruction Leaflet

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the AMVR Leather Face Cushion for PICO 4 is a great alternative if the stock face cover is too firm. With easy installation, supreme levels of comfort, fantastic build quality, and easy cleaning – it’s an easy recommendation for any PICO 4 user.

About AMVR and Where to Buy

AMVR is a VR accessories brand that specialises in products to improve the quality of life for VR gamers. Whether you’re looking for charging stands, controller grips, or even face cushions, they’ll likely have a product for the headset you own and to fulfill your needs.

You can buy the AMVR Leather Face Cushion now on Amazon or the AMVR website for £36.99/$35.99.

Product provided by AMVR for review.

James Refelian
James Refelian
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