NewsXbox Potentially Teases Fable for June 11th Showcase.

Xbox Potentially Teases Fable for June 11th Showcase.


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Fable was once a pillar for Xbox alongside Halo and Gears, but has since been on a 12 year hiatus. In 2020 Xbox confirmed Fable was being rebooted by Forza Horizon developer Playground Games. Since then they have been radio silent and fans have been clamoring for an update. After a suspicious twitter post, it seems Xbox are potentially teasing Fable for the June 11th showcase.

The twitter post in question was posted at 5pm eastern standard time today. It features an Xbox controller covered in glitter, with a glitter trail leading to an image of the the Xbox showcase promotional image. It features rather fable-esque music as well.

At first, you may think it’s far reaching to assume this post is teasing Fable, but after closer inspection, the dots start to connect themselves.

Firstly, the cameraman is following a glitter trail, which for Fable fans, you’ll know is how the player is led to objectives in the games!

The music also sounds strikingly similar to the Bowerstone theme from Fable 1!

As always take any rumor with a grain of salt. Fable being shown in some capacity would back up reports I heard a few weeks ago that Xbox was wanting to showcase it at either their summer showcase or at the game awards.

Fable is such an underrated franchise. Not to mention, Playground Games are simply one of the best studios in our industry. I cannot wait to see their take on Fable. Fingers crossed we see it June 11th at the Xbox Showcase!!

Cody May
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