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Review: JLab Go Charge Wireless Mouse


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Using a touch screen to scroll and select items is all well and good. However, it isn’t as accurate as a mouse and dirty fingers make a mess of your display. Consequently, a good quality mouse will always be appealing. This is where the JLab Go Charge Wireless Mouse comes into play.

This sleek and attractive-looking device is the perfect travelling companion. If you have to commute or work away from home, you don’t want to take cumbersome gear with you. Accordingly, a small but perfectly formed mouse has to be top of your list. Additionally, a great keyboard like the JLab Go Wireless Keyboard is also a fine idea. 

This excellent device is lightweight and hard-wearing. Moreover, it has silent buttons and an accurate central wheel, and it can be adjusted for right or left-handed users. As such, it is a user-friendly purchase that will improve your mobile setup. 

What’s in the box of the JLab Go Charge Wireless Mouse?

  • The small packaging is attractive and strong. Furthermore, it highlights key selling points and is fully recyclable. 
  • The JLab Go Charge Wireless Mouse is protected by blue tissue paper. This small touch enhances the professional finish while preventing unnecessary scratches. The refined design is pleasant to look at and the buttons are comfortably placed. 
  • The USB-C charging cable is small but suitable for the task at hand. 
  • The user guide highlights the fundamentals. 

Technical aspects. 

Whenever I use a wireless mouse, I worry about connectivity issues. Thankfully, the JLab Go Charge Wireless Mouse performed admirably. You may choose between a USB-C wireless dongle or 2 Bluetooth 5.0 connections. Subsequently, you can connect up to 3 devices for a seamless transition between each one. 

Another concern is the DPI performance of your device. Depending on the task, you may require a smooth and steady input. Alternatively, you may wish for a lightning-fast cursor speed for gaming. Whatever you decide, the JLab Go Charge Wireless Mouse will keep up. Thanks to the adjustable settings, you can change the DPI sensitivity from 800 to 1600. As a result, there is an option to keep every person happy.

Build quality. 

I’m a fan of mechanical devices. As such, the monotonous “click, click, click” sound doesn’t bother me. However, others may find the repetitive noise tiresome. Thankfully, the JLab Go Charge Wireless Mouse tackles this problem. With silent click buttons and a smooth gliding motion, this is as quiet as a hunting owl.

Alongside this, there are 6 buttons to choose from and a well-considered connectivity switch. As such, it is simple to flit between Bluetooth 5.0 and the wireless 2.4 GHz connections. Furthermore, the 10m wireless range is suitable for the average working setup.

This light mouse is ergonomically designed and is comfortable to use. Moreover, the ability to use it with either hand is a bonus. To maintain the sleek finish, JLab has hidden the USB dongle in the underside of the mouse. This was an excellent choice as it maintains the professional look, whilst keeping the dongle safe. 

Is the JLab Go Charge Wireless Mouse worth it?

There are some excellent wireless gaming mice available. ROCCAT is my go-to option, but they are larger, heavier, and more expensive. As such, if you wish to have a useful and affordable device that is a Jack of all trades, then look no further. The JLab Go Charge Wireless Mouse feels nice and looks professional. What’s more, the silent clicks and excellent DPI sensitivity tick many boxes. As such, I liked this device and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on JLab can be found here!) 

The  JLab Go Recharge Wireless Mouse has been given the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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