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Afterimage could easily be confused for a Metroidvania title. Hell, even I was convinced for the first few hours. However, what becomes apparent is that this unusual title focuses on a non-linear storyline that enables you to explore freely and define your own paths. Moreover, this generates a rewarding experience as you construct the plot and enjoy the ending that you’ve worked towards. 

This unique adventure title has plenty of special endings and a massive world to explore. Moreover, like the best RPGs, you can create a player that complements your playstyle. Furthermore, there is a vast range of equipment, magic, and “Afterimage” abilities to refine your experience further still. This was an excellent decision, as you can play this multiple times and no experience will be the same. 

Developed by Aurogon Shanghai and published by Modus Game, this is a non-linear adventure title. What’s more, it has masses of RPG mechanics and a monstrously big world to explore. On top of this, there are oodles of creatures to defeat, 30 or so bosses to destroy, and 60+ NPCs to interact with. As such, there are plenty of tasks to enjoy, loads of creatures to slay, and an incredible skill tree to unlock. 

The world is littered with chests and collectables.
Don’t miss out on the collectables or the special chests.

Afterimage tells a haunting tale. 

You awaken in a dank cave with no memory of what has happened. Your mentor has been taken and you must rescue her, no matter the risk. However, this decision has devastating consequences. Renee’s decisions set into motion an unstoppable chain of events. Accordingly, how she behaves and who she helps will determine mankind’s fate. 

This is a lot to take on for even the greatest of heroines. However, with the help of her mouthy but adorable sidekick, Renee will complete her goal. By exploring a vast number of unique environments, she will unlock new skills, find talent points, and avoid traps, obstacles, and other life-ending encounters. However, the massive bosses and never-ending creatures cannot be avoided. Therefore, you must study their quirks, focus on their weaknesses, and defeat every one of them. 

A slow burner. 

Renee is a capable fighter. However, she is limited in what she can do. Consequently, the action starts off slowly as you grind your way through wave after wave of grunts, creatures, and cruel bosses. However, as the action progresses, you’ll find new weapons and extra abilities. Moreover, you’ll discover new equipment and have the chance to upgrade your gear. These ideas aren’t new and the developers are stepping over some well-trodden ground. Yet, I liked how everything was drip-fed and the action wasn’t monotonous as a consequence. 

Once you get to grips with your build and the gear you wish to use, you can focus on fine-tuning your abilities. The more bosses you defeat, and the better you are at finding collectables, the more “Afterimage” abilities you can unlock. These special powers are essential if you wish to explore every location. Without them, you will not be able to crawl through gaps or leap large chasms. Moreover, they are essential whenever you are tackling some of the harder bosses. 

You fall through the air with ease.
Where will you land?

Big boss battles and plenty of quests. 

Exploring each area was exciting and interesting. With plenty of NPCs to interact with and an array of side quests to undertake, you won’t get bored. Whether you are looking for ingredients, trying to find artefacts, or helping someone to complete their adventure, it never becomes tiresome. However, your progress can be hindered by the brutally tough boss battles. 

Whenever you stumble across a gargantuan beast, your heart sinks. These sinister creatures will stop at nothing to kill you. Sadly, this pretty much always happens and you’ll end up respawning at the nearest checkpoint. On top of that, you’ll lose your XP unless you can get to your grave before you die again. Think of Dark Souls and you kinda get what I mean. Alongside this, if you use a checkpoint to reheal yourself, you respawn every creature. Subsequently, it can be tough to navigate the windy labyrinthine world, as the creatures are always there. 

However, back to the bosses! These cruel menaces follow a set routine of attacks. Accordingly, you must study their form and attack their weaknesses. Yet, this isn’t always enough, and this is where your special abilities and character build come into question. By selecting the right gear, and making the most of every ability, you will bamboozle your opponent and win each encounter. 

Afterimage looks amazing. 

Afterimage is one of the most attractive indie titles I’ve played. The stunning blend of colours and interesting backdrops are a treat to the eyes. Moreover, the incredible character models and smooth animation make it a joy to play. On top of this, the vast world is breathtaking and the mixture of obvious and hidden paths works incredibly well. 

This is complemented by the whimsy audio. The magical music comprises 40 original songs that set a rich and atmospheric scene. The soundtrack is incredibly relaxing whilst adding drama and depth at the right times. This is supported perfectly by the fantasy sound effects and the fantastic acting. 

Aesthetically, Afterimage is the perfect example of what an indie game should be! Its buttery smooth performance is only bettered by the incredibly captivating music. As such, this has to be one of the best-looking and sounding indie games of 2023.

The hero is tackling a giant warrior fungus.
He isn’t a fun….guy

Brilliant controls. 

The combat can be as fast or as slow as you wish. You can equip dual blades to slice your foes to bits, or bludgeon them with a massive “Greatsword”. Alternatively, you can master your magic as you cast fireballs and other mind-blowing spells. However you approach each situation, you are guaranteed a smooth experience. The brilliant controls are responsive, well laid out, and easy to understand. Furthermore, any new skills are clearly explained, and this prevents you from getting confused or frustrated. 

Afterimage oozes replay value and longevity. Thanks to the massive world and the multiple endings, you can return to play this many times. Moreover, there are countless character builds and a vast arsenal of weapons to select from. What’s more, you can upgrade your gear to create a powerful and almost unstoppable warrior. 

Afterimage is incredibly good.

Indie games get plenty of stick for not breaking the mould. Sadly, the market is saturated with poor titles and this prevents the hidden gems from being discovered. However, Afterimage stands out from its peers as it tells a wonderful story and looks and sounds incredible. Alongside this, the combat is slick and the quests are enjoyable. My only complaint is that the large world can be overwhelming. Furthermore, it can be tough to remember what ability you need to access each unexplored area. However, these issues are minor in the grand scheme of things. Accordingly, I loved this spectacular game and I recommend that you buy it here! Can you regain your memories? Explore each vast location, learn new skills, and save your mentor. 


Afterimage is a phenomenal non-linear adventure title. With an incredible story, amazing aesthetics, and slick combat, this shouldn't be missed. My only complaint is that the large world can be overwhelming.

+ Stunning visuals.
+ Original audio.
+ A spectacular world to explore.
+ The story is amazing.
+ Brilliant controls.
+ Plenty of longevity.

- It can be overwhelming.
- The bosses can be incredibly tough.

(Rating: PEGI 7 Fear, Violence Release date: 25/04/2023 Price: £20.99)

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, PC (Steam), Nintendo, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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<p class="has-text-align-justify" style="font-size:14px"><em>Afterimage</em> is a phenomenal non-linear adventure title. With an incredible story, amazing aesthetics, and slick combat, this shouldn't be missed. My only complaint is that the large world can be overwhelming.</p><br/> + Stunning visuals.<br/> + Original audio.<br/> + A spectacular world to explore.<br/> + The story is amazing.<br/> + Brilliant controls.<br/> + Plenty of longevity.<br/> <br/> - It can be overwhelming.<br/> - The bosses can be incredibly tough.<br/> <br/> <p class="has-text-align-center" style="font-size:10px">(<b>Rating:</b> PEGI 7 Fear, Violence <b>Release date:</b> 25/04/2023 <b>Price:</b> £20.99)</p><br/> <p class="has-text-align-center" style="font-size:10px">(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, PC (Steam), Nintendo, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5)</p><br/>Review: Afterimage