Review: Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

It's time to get out the polish.

Review: Othercide

Loss doesn't have to be the end.

Review: Karakuri-kun: A Japanese Tale

Karakuri-kun: A Japanese Tale is an educational RPG where the player can learn an overview of Japanese history during the Edo period.

Review: NieR Replicant

A futuristic world with a deadly disease!

Review: Gods Will Fall

Life is cruel, and people can only take so much punishment before they must rise up.

Review: Bladed Fury

Revenge, passion, and justice!

Review: Dungeon and Gravestone

If a demon is going to kill you, you may as well die a hero!

Review: Dungeons Defenders: Awakened

You broke the Eternia Crystal, so now you must protect each one you find.

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Review: Go To IT

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XELnWMENy7E It's time to take a look at another early access title. Black Deck Crew and Gamera Interactive, let you finally live your dreams of...

Review: Giga Lounger