Tag:8.5 out of 10

Review: ASTLIBRA Revision

To be completely transparent, I had no idea what Astlibra Revision was when I first set out to play it. At face value, it...

Review: Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

A classic D&D inspired game.

Review: Once Upon a Jester

https://youtu.be/nvQQR1BDGHA Comedy often treads a very fine line. Consequently, what I find humorous may grate on you. As such, this genre is often divisive and...

Review: PlateUp!

Cook, fail, and cook again.

Review: Way of the Hunter

Lose yourself in a beautiful and rich world.

Review: Biomutant

Avenge your family and save the world.

Review: Train Sim World 3

Drive the virtual train of your dreams.

Review: Door Kickers 2

Kick down the doors and kill your foes.

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Review: Finding the Flowzone

A gnarly skateboarding game with zany characters.

Review: Togges

Review: Darkwood