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Review: Mamakoo


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We’ve all been there! You go to a new city and suddenly hunger pangs strike. However, you have no idea where to eat, or what restaurant is good. Furthermore, you don’t want to disrupt your travel plans, so what are you going to do? Well, you could use Google, Bing, or another much-loved search engine. Yet, this won’t give you all the information you desire in one helpful place. So, what’s the solution? Mamakoo hopes to provide the answer with its helpful app and website.

This highly-rated service is receiving stellar reviews on both Android and iOS stores. Why? Well, it is intuitive, convenient, and full of handy information for many key locations. What’s more, it highlights key tourist attractions, has a built-in map, and allows its user base to recommend each restaurant. Consequently, you feel confident in your choices and can inform others of your experiences.

Mamakoo is a great travelling companion.

What particularly impressed me was the vast selection of locations on offer. Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Canada, and the Middle East are represented. Yes, there are limited locales for each continent at the moment, but it shows the potential. Furthermore, Mamakoo easily allows you to flick from place to place. However, there is one major drawback, and that is the cost! At $19.99 per city, it is far too expensive to justify the outlay. I, like many, would expect a one-off price that covers a continent, or the entire catalogue of information. In its current build, there are few people who’d value its resources, especially as the aforementioned search engines are free to use.

Alongside this, the core tabs for each city are missing some padding and depth. The app highlights favourite and renowned dishes with a minor description of each one. But it gives no history or reason behind its origins. Moreover, the tourist landmark section offers no insight into key information or even minor facts. Instead, it details restaurants or eateries in the vicinity. Now, I liked the details of each locale, but a bit more meat on the bone would have been incredible.

On top of this, I found the filter system to be user-friendly and easy to understand. Changing the price was straightforward, and this pinpoints your search perfectly. Furthermore, the map allows you to select specific locations via name or postcode. From here, you are given a thorough list of options to select from. So, finding the perfect restaurant is only one click away.

Is it worth it?

Usually, I can concisely conclude a review. In this case, however, it isn’t so simple. This app has some incredible uses and an awful lot of potential. Yet, its user base will demand a high-end product that is slick and straightforward, while incorporating that “wow” factor. In its current build, you can see these elements coming together. But, it needs some more depth before it reaches those heights.

On top of this, the price point is off-putting. If Mamakoo included a vast history of each place and plenty more depth to its tabs, then it may be worth the investment. However, at the moment, it doesn’t justify such a large outlay. Instead, I believe all the resources should be consolidated into a one-off purchase.

If the developers can iron out the creases, and add depth to their product, then it will be fantastic. What’s more, foodies and travellers will love this companion app as it saves time, hassle, and energy. Though I have my complaints, I loved it nonetheless. As such, I recommend you try it here for Android, or here for iOS!

(More information on Mamakoo can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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