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Review: Olight BFL 1800 light


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I’m a firm believer that gaming and fitness go hand-in-hand. As such, I love a new piece of fitness tech to brighten up my day. I’ve recently looked at the ZR 01 Zen Running Shoes and the Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump. However, today I’m going to investigate bike lights from Olight. Specifically, the Olight BFL 1800 light. This daily commuting headlight is obnoxiously bright, incredibly robust, and a guaranteed way to be spotted.

I know from personal experience how dangerous cycling can be. As such, visibility at all times is key to survival. Not only must you be seen, but a massive field of view is essential to miss obstacles, potholes, and an array of dirt and grime that thwarts every cyclist on a daily basis. Thankfully, this excellent headlight ensures you get a brilliant field of view no matter the weather or time of day.

No matter your handlebar size, this light will fit.

What’s in the box of the Olight BFL 1800 light?

  • The compact packaging securely houses the Olight BFL 1800 light. Alongside this, its accessories are tightly packed and easily accessible. The clean-cut design and well-constructed box are easy on the eye and feel upmarket and expensive. Furthermore, it is mostly recyclable, and that is great.
  • The Olight BFL 1800 light is a compact but heavy LED light. Its quick fit design and metal casing look stylish and are nice to handle. What’s more, the well-placed button is easy to access and simple to use on the go.
  • USB charging cable. This lengthy cable has a magnetic clasp that connects to the rear of the accessory. This simple design ensures the light has no open areas and is easy to charge. Painted with a blue accent, it continues to highlight the professional and high-end look.
  • User manual. Get up to speed with the basic guide.
  • Bike mount and spare straps. No matter the size of your bars, you’ll get a perfect fit. Moreover, the mount has a quick-release system that makes it easy to remove the light.
  • A small Allen key. Tighten the mount with ease thanks to the small and handy Allen key. The only downside is that the Allen key must be carried at all times to adjust the mount.

Technical aspects.

Lighting Levels.

LEVEL 1 (Lumens)1800 lumens
Run-time Level 11.5 hours
LEVEL 2 (Lumens)1000 lumens
Run-time Level 23.5 hours
LEVEL 3 (Lumens)500 lumens
Run-time Level 38.5 hours
Weight5.71oz/162g (Including Battery)
UseDaily Commuting,Urban Riding,Road Cycling,Bike Touring/Mountain Biking

Whenever you buy a bike light, 3 elements stand out. Battery life, build quality, and how bright it is. Well, let’s start in reverse order and discuss its eye-burning power.

Increase your safety with the side light windows.


With a whopping 1800 lumens of power, this is eye-wateringly bright. On top of this, there is an incredible 210-metre beam distance. This creates a phenomenal field of view that generates confidence and a safe environment. Not only can you see clearly, but more importantly, oncoming traffic can easily see you.

Alongside this, there are two half-moon side windows that increase peripheral visibility. This is essential when traffic is entering from slip roads or junctions. With this additional beam of light, they will be able to spot you immediately. Consequently, your safety is improved, and this is undeniably reassuring.

Build quality.

Visibility is key, but I don’t want my light to break because it rains or the build quality is lacking. Accordingly, how well built is the Olight BFL 1800 light? In short, it is fantastically well built and feels hefty and solid in your hands. Furthermore, the incredible LED colour light system by the switch highlights your battery levels. On top of this, the handy magnetic charger is simple to fit and easy to maintain.

What is also great is the quick-release bike mount. With a firm push on the lever, your light pops away from the mount with ease. However, while the light is mounted, it feels secure with no risk of it accidentally detaching from the frame. Moreover, the mount is easy to fit thanks to the excellent Allen key setup. By simply adjusting the screw, you can secure the mount in place or adjust its position.

Battery life.

With a massive 5000mAh rechargeable battery, it achieves up to 8.5 hours of running time. This is incredible when you consider the power and levels of visibility you receive. Accordingly, if you wish to maximise your usage, you must use the lowest of the three available settings.

If you stick with the 1800 lumens option, your run-time will be diminished to around 1.5 hours. Subsequently, this may not be convenient when commuting during the winter months. However, I found the lowest setting to still be extremely bright while maintaining the benefits of the brightest option.

The aforementioned LED switch was an excellent design trait as it highlights your battery levels. The reason this was essential was that it indicates low battery levels whenever you are cycling. Furthermore, it also doubles up as a handy tool to show when the battery is fully charged, so you shouldn’t waste energy or damage its lifespan.

A handy LED indicator that is easy to understand.

Is the Olight BFL 1800 light worth it?

The Olight BFL 1800 light isn’t the cheapest option available, but that matters not. When it comes to safety, you don’t want a cheap and flawed light. Instead, you want the best you can afford. If your budget can stretch to £79.99, then this is a no-brainer. Because of its amazing build quality, bright settings, and great battery life, you have a reassuringly robust accessory. On top of this, its excellent magnetic charging and quick-release mount make it a user-friendly experience.

I have tried and tested plenty of lights while commuting, but the Olight BFL 1800 light is miles ahead of its competitors. Without hesitation, I recommend that you buy this incredible commuting bike headlight here!

(More information on Olight can be found here!)

The Olight BFL 1800 light is awarded the Movies Games and Tech gold award.
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