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Review: Olight RN 120 light


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Cycling is about speed, enjoyment, and, above all else, safety. Without the correct gear, you are riding irresponsibly and placing yourself in unnecessary danger. Recently, I covered the Olight BFL 1800 light, and I loved it. Today, I’m looking at the Olight RN 120 light. This intelligent rear light is a must-have device for commuters and safety-conscious riders.

With its simple mount system, easy-to-access charging port, and eye-opening brightness, this is an irresistible accessory. Consequently, if you are a keen cyclist, this is one light that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Don’t get caught out by approaching traffic.

What’s in the box of the Olight RN 120 light?

  • The compact box is sturdy, bright, and clearly labelled. Its contents are securely packaged and the key points are easy to read. What’s more, it can be recycled, which is great for the environment.
  • The Olight RN 120 light. This small but powerful rear light is an advanced piece of technology. It has an ambient light sensor and doubles up as a reflector. Furthermore, it is robust, waterproof, and well-built.
  • Seat and pole mount. Depending on your preference, you can mount this light on your pole or your seat. Whatever you choose, it is relatively pain-free to install, and it locks the light securely in place.
  • Micro USB charging cable. This small standard cable is used to power the rechargeable battery.
  • User manual. With an array of modes on offer, this straightforward guide will talk you through the basics.

Technical aspects.

Max. Performance (Lumens)120 lumens
Mode operationSingle button
Compatible batteries480mAh Polymer Battery
Charge typeUSB charging
Two sensors = better safety.

The most important elements of a rear bike light are visibility, build quality and ease of use. Luckily, the RN 120 ticks every box. However, I was most impressed with its range of modes and its dual sensors.

With a whopping 120 lumens of power, the Olight RN 120 light can be seen from 1500 metres away. Furthermore, it also has a maximum of 260 degrees of visibility. This is absolutely incredible as it gives other road users ample time to react to your presence.

Alongside this, there are two sensors that increase your safety further still. There is the Smart Motion Sensor and the Ambient Light Sensor. By adjusting the working mode of your light, you can increase the battery life without reducing the usability.

The Smart Motion Sensor reacts to sudden movements of the user and automatically illuminates under the braking force. This was phenomenal, as it advises other road users of your action and any sudden reductions in speed.

On top of this, the Ambient Light sensor balances battery power with better lighting. Consequently, the Olight RN120 light always delivers the optimum output according to your environmental setting. This was awesome, as you get the best battery performance as well as ample lighting on every ride.

Build quality and ease of use.

This rear light is robust and sturdy without weighing too much. Moreover, its small rubberised mount makes it easy to secure it to your bike. With only one button to worry about, it was simple to power on the device and adjust the settings. Moreover, a handy rubberised tab protects the charging port when not in use. This was a great design element that ensured the light was waterproof at all times. After all, no one wants their light to fail when cycling in torrential rain.

Let the person behind know you are braking.

Is the Olight RN 120 light worth it?

Your safety while cycling is of paramount importance. Subsequently, getting the correct setup is key to a long and trouble-free time. Because of the excellent battery life, the intelligent sensors, and the range of settings, this stands out from the crowd.

Furthermore, it is unbelievably bright, simple to use, cost-effective to buy, and incredibly reassuring to ride with. Undoubtedly, I feel safer having this light attached to my bike and I wholeheartedly recommend you buy it here!

(More information on Olight can be found here!) 

The Olight RN 120 light has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech gold award.
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