TechReview: Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump

Review: Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump


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Having recently reviewed Tour de France 2022, you all know I love to cycle. As a consequence, I’m always in the market for some excellent technology to make my life easier. Whether it is a sports watch, new trainers, or high-powered lights, I always want to give them a go. However, today’s review focuses on maintenance and tyres. I am, of course, talking about the Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump. Now, you may not be excited about the sound of it. Yet, by the end of this review, you’ll want one as well.

With fantastic build quality, excellent battery life, an array of adapters, and an inexpensive price point, this blows “normal” pumps out of the water. Moreover, it has a handy light, an LED display screen, looks amazing, and has a double pressure gauge. In short, it is an excellent accessory that makes maintaining your bicycle or car that much easier. Furthermore, it can be used to pump up balls and inflatables in a matter of minutes.

What’s in the box of the Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump?

  • The compact packaging is simple but pleasant to the eye. It is sturdy, strong, and protects the contents from getting damaged. What’s more, it is 100% recyclable, and that’s fantastic.
  • The Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump. I’m reviewing the red version of this device. You may also purchase a black version that is slightly different (more on this later). The sleek aluminium case has a rich red finish. This houses 2*1200 mAh Lithium batteries that are charged by a USB-C cable. Moreover, there is a clear LED display and a button cluster to change the settings.
  • An array of adapters. The Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump can be used on many items. Consequently, a range of adapters is included. There is a flexible hose, Presta and Schrader valve adapter, swimming ring nozzle, and a ball needle.
  • Carry bag. You are provided with a handy black fabric bag to store every item. It is well constructed and built to last. 
  • USB-C charging cable. A small rubberised cable to charge the Lithium batteries.
  • User manual. A simple, quick start guide that explains the fundamentals. 

Technical aspects.

No one wants to over-inflate or under-inflate their tyres, balls, or beach toys. Therefore, an accurate LED display is essential. Luckily, the clutter-free screen highlights key information without confusing the matter. It shows your current pressure and your desired level. What’s more, it displays this in 4 formats; PSI, Bar, KPA, and Kg/cm. This is extremely helpful, easy to switch between, and simple to understand.

Alongside this, there are 3 preset modes, a custom option, and an auto shut-off facility. The preset levels are helpful, but I rarely used them. They are designed for a market average and you should consult each item to ensure the correct levels. You can flit between motorbike, push bike, and ball mode. As I said, I didn’t find them so useful, as my needs differed considerably. Subsequently, I spent my time working with the custom option. This was fantastic, as I could adjust the pressure to my liking. Thankfully, this was achieved with the push of a couple of buttons and was extremely user-friendly.

What was also key was the auto shut-off feature. Whenever the pressure reaches the desired level, the device shuts off. Consequently, overinflation is a thing of the past. Accordingly, it is safe to work with and ensures that every item is perfectly inflated.

Is the Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump worth it?

With two options to choose from, you may be confused. However, let me clear that up for you. The black version is limited to 120 PSI. Subsequently, this has limited uses and may not appeal to road bike cyclists. The red version, on the other hand, stretches its levels to 150 PSI and, therefore, is more appealing.

With that cleared up, let’s look at what makes the Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump worth the money. First, it is exceptionally easy to use. The clear LED display makes it simple to understand your levels. Further to this, a vast list of adapters ensures a multi-faceted approach. Second, a clear battery indicator highlights how much charge the device has. This was an excellent inclusion that makes sure you rarely run short on charge. Finally, the simplicity of switching between modes and pressure readings makes this a winner. Within seconds, you’ll know how to use it, and it will become an essential part of your gear. It is for these reasons that I recommend you to buy it here! Alternatively, you can purchase it from Amazon UK here!


If you are in the market for a phenomenal bike pump, then look no further. The Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump is an excellent addition to your cycling equipment. Furthermore, it is accurate, well built, and looks great. On top of this, the battery life is awesome, the LED display is clear and uncluttered, and there is a helpful light if needed. Accordingly, why carry around an archaic hand pump when this product does all the work for you?

(More information on Woowind can be found here!)

The Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump has received the Movies Games and Tech Gold award.
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