GamingIs RuneScape still good in 2022?

Is RuneScape still good in 2022?


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RuneScape is similar to Minecraft in a way that it has been around forever, and still somehow manages to stay relevant today. 21 years have passed since RuneScape got released, with nearly 300 million accounts created in its lifetime. Now, more than 100,000 players regularly join game sessions to either trade, fight, or grind for resources and grind for RuneScape Gold. It is said that MMORPGs are nearing their end, but some titles, like RuneScape, keep proving everyone wrong.  

So what is up with RuneScape; what makes it so interesting to this day, and is it worth playing and paying membership in 2022? Stay with us till the end to find out! RS3 is loved for its core mechanics and grinding potential, but sometimes, it gets dull to the point it deters players from playing further. At Chicks Gold, we offer cheap RS3 gold to help you avoid the grind or to buy a membership. Buy RS3 gold and quickly jump to late-game content with ease!


RuneScape’s Gielinor is a vast land brimming with wildlife, natural wonders, man-made structures, and hostile creatures looking to reset your progress in any way they can. What makes it even more interesting are NPCs, each with a story to tell or a quest to task you with. The sheer randomness of different events makes the world feel alive and explorable.

Quests in RuneScape are truly next-level, offering players the chance to relive stories of important figures from the Gielinor’s past and completely immerse in the RS3 experience. It also features a quest manager that helps players organize missions chronologically and by difficulty.


It is impossible to pinpoint a single feature that makes RuneScape popular, as it is the entire game itself that makes it replayable, unique, and memorable. Players can easily focus on skilling and look to progress their characters through trading and getting those 99s, or enter every single dungeon and slay bosses threatening Gielinor and its people to acquire insane loot. It is the freedom of choice that significantly ups the replayability paired with a plethora of quests and mini-stories each offering something unique and new.

Players have multiple ways to develop their accounts in RuneScape, through combat or non-combat means.

·         Non-combat

Woodcutting, Farming, and Construction are all skills that do not require players to lift their swords to level. These can be very lucrative too, as players can later sell the obtained goods for big bucks. What makes these skills interesting is the fact that they can be done to relax as they do not require complex actions and players can get to the late game with these skills without fighting at all.

·         Combat

RuneScape’s combat is very straightforward, as it is based on three combat types, melee, ranged, and magic. Essentially, use melee to beat ranged, ranged to beat magic, and magic to beat melee – simple! Having such a simple combat system helps balance game mechanics giving everyone an equal chance to show their skills in combat.


The RuneScape 3 graphics look very modern and enhanced as opposed to the old-school version but thanks to polls and forums, developers have incorporated a Legacy Mode for those looking to return to RuneScape and experience the nostalgia.

Updates & events

Previously, Jagex was not paying much attention to the community, but today, we have forums and polls that include the players in the mix. This helps developers to precisely update those aspects of the game that are slacking as well as to add new content requested by the player base.

Regular events are also being featured, as a way to keep players interested in new, limited content releases. Usually, a new part of the map becomes available, or certain quest-related elements or NPCs spawn for players to interact with. They have to perform certain tasks to acquire event-exclusive items.


This has been a theme for debate for the longest of times, mainly because F2P players can only experience so much of what Gielinor has to offer. Despite that, free accounts still have plenty to do with 38 quests and 17 skills and will hardly reach a point where they hit a plateau.

This does not mean that to fully experience RuneScape you have to pay for a content subscription, just that the membership system is made to restrict players from using the majority of RuneScape’s content and to urge them to pay. This is a standard practice of many free-to-play games so there is no need to raise any alarms.

Players can pay for their memberships with RS3 gold and that seems like a good deal to us. Think about it, you can get access to content available from 2001 till now, for free if you buy a membership with gold. But even when paying with real money, you will definitely get a good bang for your buck.

Our take

We believe that RuneScape will hardly meet its substitute, with a loyal community and a company that cares about its players. People love it for what it is; a classy, click-to-move MMORPG with a stunning environment and carefully thought-out quests. We strongly believe it is worth playing, as such experience newer MMORPGs cannot offer.

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