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In 1996, the EGRET II arcade cabinet was released and was a raving success. Roll on 26 years and the EGRET II mini can now be purchased. There is no doubt that this retro machine will have old-school gamers salivating. As such, owning one of these limited edition consoles will be tough.

So, why is this machine so popular? Well, everyone adores a great retro game, and this comes preloaded with some of the best. This console comes preloaded with 40 awesome arcade classics and has some excellent modern features. What’s more, there is an array of additional controllers, a rotating monitor, and HDMI output. Alongside this, there is an SD slot to add more games and integrated sound through stereo speakers.

The EGRET II Mini looks fantastic with its Western exclusive blue colour scheme.
Check out this awesome retro machine.

Why buy it when you can emulate them for free?

Now, retro gaming isn’t new! As such, there are plenty of emulators and ROMs available. However, the EGRET II mini is a must for those that wish to impress. Not only does it perform perfectly, but it looks cool as hell as well. I mean, who doesn’t want a replica arcade cabinet in their gaming room or man/woman cave? Hell, I know I do.

This is the market that this console is aimed towards. Gamers who have some spare cash and a desire to have a conversation starter. Furthermore, it’s amazing to choose from an array of excellent titles, and whoop your mates like you are back in the 80s.

The EGRET II Mini has a rotating monitor to support more games.
Check out the rotational screen.

What titles come with the EGRET II mini?

Build quality isn’t in question, nor can I fault the array of peripherals on offer. However, my biggest concern if I were to invest, would be the inbuilt games. Therefore, let’s look at what’s on offer.

Space Invaders 1978Lunar Rescue 1979
Steel Worker 1980Lupin the Third 1980
QIX 1981Pirate Pete 1982
Adventure Canoe 1982Elevator Action 1983
Chack’n Pop 1983Outer Zone 1984
The FairyLand Story 1985The Legend of Kage 1985
Bubble Bobble 1986Halley’s Comet 1986
Kiki Kaikai 1986Scramble Formation (Tokio) 1986
Rastan Saga (Rastan) 1987Kyukyoku Tiger (Twin Cobra) 1987
Rainbow Islands Extra 1988The NewZealand Story 1988
Ramais 1988TATSUJIN (Truxton) 1988
DonDokoDon 1989Violence Fight 1989
Cadash 1989Volfied 1989
Mizubaku Adventure (Liquid Kids) 1990Gun Frontier (Gun & Frontier) 1990
Runark (Growl ) 1990Hat Trick Hero (Football Champ) 1990
The Ninja Kids 1990Metal Black 1991
RayForce (Gunlock) 1993Kaiser Knuckle (Global Champion) 1994
Bubble Symphony (Bubble Bobble II) 1994Elevator Action Returns (Elevator Action II) 1994
Darius Gaiden 1994Dan-Ku-Ga 1994
Puzzle Bobble 2X (Bust-a-Move Again) 1995Bubble Memories 1995

And the additional 10 on the SD expansion card:

Marine Date 1981Strike Bowling 1982
Birdie King 1982Arkanoid 1986
Plump Pop 1987Arkanoid: Revenge of DoH 1987
Syvalion 1988Cameltry 1989
Arkanoid Returns 1997Puchi Carat 1997

I think we can all agree that there is something for everyone. Consequently, the EGRET II mini will be a welcome distraction from modern gaming. I know we all love COD, Fifa, and Elden Ring, but these are time-consuming endeavours. Instead, burn up some time with these mindless but addictive titles.

Technical aspects.

  • Measurements: 150mm (width) x 200mm (depth) x 209mm (height)
  • Maximum Power Current: 1.65 A (Console only)
  • Recommended Power Source: Above 5V/2.4A (12W)
  • Included Titles: 40
  • LCD Display: 5inch LCD display (Aspect ratio 4:3, resolution 1024×768)
  • Ports: SD card slot, power inlet (USB Type-C), HDMI port (for TV usage), 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 controller ports (USB Type-A)

What’s in the box of the EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition?

  • EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition
  • USB Type-C charging cable & HDMI cable (2m)
  • EGRET II mini – Paddle and Trackball Game Expansion Set
  • Instruction panel and exchangeable mini instruction cards (Japanese)
  • Taito 70th/ZUNATA 35th Anniversary Soundtrack (4 CDs)
  • Taito Arcade Strategy Book for the 50 included titles

Three additional controllers.

The EGRET II mini - Paddle and Trackball game Expansion Set.

This optional, special controller for the EGRET II mini uses the classic arcade control methods and includes 10 additional titles that take advantage of this feature on an SD card!

The EGRET II mini - Control Panel

This optional, special controller for the EGRET II mini uses the same layout as the arcade itself, with 6 control buttons and a joystick that can be switched between 8 and 4-directions. Allows for 2 player battle or co-op.

The EGRET II mini - Control Pad

This optional, special controller for the EGRET II mini uses a more home console-oriented layout, for those players who are more used to playing with modern console controllers. Allows for 2 player battle or co-op.


The EGRET II mini is currently available for pre-order in the exclusive Western colour scheme. Alongside this, 3 different controllers can be purchased separately for the authentic experience. If you love retro gaming, then look no further than this miniature old-school arcade console. 

(More information on ININ can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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