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Review: Trust Laptop Cooling Stand


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A battle rages on between PC players. Consequently, There is one team who is committed to desktop gaming, and on the other side are the laptop super fans. Therefore, whichever team you back, you are going to be fiercely loyal. I chose the latter for convenience whenever I travel. However, overheating and laptop gaming go hand-in-hand. Subsequently, this is where the Trust Laptop Cooling Stand (GXT 1125) comes into play. This simple device is designed to keep you gaming and your machine cool.

This is a brilliantly basic concept that is a must-have for laptop gamers. Its 5 fan design looks great, works wonderfully, and helps to reduce fan noise. What’s more, it has fantastic build quality, is adjustable, and has a mobile phone holder for your convenience. Alongside this, it is light enough to stow in your bag and it has anti-slip technology.

The Trust Laptop Cooling Stand has 5 integrated fans.
Stay cool with the 5 fan system.

What’s in the box of the Trust Laptop Cooling Stand?

  • The rectangular box is adorned with imagery and key selling points. This lightweight container is a little flimsy, but the contents are still well-packaged. Inside, the device is held in place by two polystyrene stop ends. Sadly, this makes it difficult to recycle, and that was disappointing.
  • The Trust Laptop Cooling Stand is great to look at. It has a premium aluminium finish and 5 LED fans. Furthermore, it is designed for laptops up to 17″ and weighs less than 10 kg. Alongside this, a sturdy lifting arm allows you to adjust the seating position by 190 mm.
  • USB to USB cable. This small rubberised cable is used to power the stand from a laptop USB port. 
  • Technical guide and sticker. A basic manual filled with key information and a Trust logo sticker.

Technical aspects.

Main materialAluminium
Max. laptop size17″
Max. weight9.4 kg
Max. lift height190 mm
Fan includedYes 1 * 130 mm 4 * 50 mm
Height50 mm
Width400 mm
Depth280 mm

Unlike its peers, the Trust Laptop Cooling Stand only has one setting. By powering it up, each of the 5 LED fans is activated. There is a large central fan that is flanked by 4 smaller ones. This design is well-considered as it gives the maximum coverage to the largest possible laptop. What’s more, with only one setting to consider, there is little that can go wrong.

What I particularly liked about the design was the sturdy lifting arm. With 5 different positions to consider, you can get your viewing angles perfect at any time. Furthermore, there are some well-positioned lugs to prevent your laptop from moving. Moreover, its anti-slip technology will keep your machine in place at all times. This was incredibly reassuring, especially when gaming on a moving vehicle.

Finally, there is nothing worse than a horrifically loud cooling system. Luckily, the Trust Laptop Cooling Stand peaks at a reasonable 45 dBa. Consequently, you won’t have to adjust your gaming audio, nor will others around you get annoyed. Yes, there are quieter alternatives, but I found this to be unobtrusive and fit for purpose.

The Trust Laptop Cooling Stand let's you adjust your viewing angle.
Get the perfect viewing angle.

Is the Trust Laptop Cooling Stand worth it?

I’ve purchased and experimented with many cooling systems. However, I’m always left dissatisfied. Fortunately, the Trust Laptop Cooling Stand is different. Thanks to its uncomplicated approach, excellent build quality, and LED fans, it delivers on every level. Alongside this, it is relatively portable, easy to store, and inexpensive to purchase.

As such, it is an affordable device that’ll solve a serious gaming problem. Accordingly, if you own a laptop and want to overcome overheating issues, then this is your solution. It is an incredible device that can be used at home or on the move with ease. Furthermore, there is a detachable phone holder if you need to keep your mobile close by.


It is tough to be passionate about such a simple device. Yet, I can’t help but love it. It looks great, is easy to use, it’s lightweight, and will complement any RGB setup. On top of this, your machine feels safe and the adjustable viewing angles make it comfortable to use. It is for all these reasons that I recommend you to buy it here!

(More information on Trust can be found here!)

The Trust Laptop Cooling Stand has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold award.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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