TechReview: Nacon MG-X controller

Review: Nacon MG-X controller


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Recently, I have covered articles for the Gamesir X2 Lightning and Backbone iOS controllers. Consequently, I have to say I was impressed. However, I found it frustrating that my Google Pixel 6 Pro was now defunct. Luckily, though, my recent trip to Northern Ireland was spiced up after the Nacon MG-X controller landed on my desk. This excellent piece of kit is designed for Android, is robust, and looks and feels as expected.

Its compact design, excellent battery life, and user-friendly approach make it extremely desirable. What’s more, it enhances the Xbox Game Pass experience to a whole new level. If you are like me, you won’t read the instructions! Fortunately, this matters not, as it’s so straightforward to use, that a child could set it up. So, shall we see how the Nacon MG-X controller compares to its iOS counterparts?

The Nacon MG-X Controller is well-constructed.
Check out the technical side of the Nacon MG-X controller.

What’s in the box of the Nacon MG-X controller?

  • The small but sturdy packaging is strong and striking. It’s fully recyclable and has all the key selling points highlighted.
  • The Nacon MG-X controller. This small, black controller has a nice tactile feel. It looks like an official Microsoft product thanks to its familiar button layout. What’s more, the shell can expand to fit most phones.
  • USB-C Charging cable. This rubberised cable is used to charge the controller. The battery lasts up to 20 hours and the cable is 80cm long. 
  • User manual. A short but well-constructed guide.

Technical aspects.

ConnectionBluetooth 4.2 low energy
Cable included and lengthYes and 80cm
Headset JackNo
Battery life20 hours
Joystick positionAsymmetric
LED player indicatorYes
Maximum mobile length6.7 inches

I’ve already stated that the Nacon MG-X controller is user-friendly. However, I was amazed at just how easy it is to use. Simply place your phone in the strong and adjustable jaws and you are good to go. As long as your phone doesn’t exceed 6.7 inches in length, it’ll fit this device. Word of warning, though, the jaws are strong, so make sure your phone is out of a case and positioned correctly.

The 4.2 low energy Bluetooth connection ensures you can game for hours. Connecting the device is as simple as pushing the Xbox button, and that is it. What’s more, if your phone allows two devices to be connected simultaneously, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to have a truly wireless experience.

The battery life is exceptional! Up to 20 hours for a wireless controller is extremely good. However, if this isn’t enough, you can use the USB-C port to keep gaming. Moreover, controllers need to be comfortable and responsive. Fortunately, the Nacon MG-X controller is both. This feels good during lengthy sessions with a familiar button layout, tactile grips, and a nice weight.

Play anywhere you like with the Nacon MG-X controller.
Choose your game and play anywhere.

Is the Nacon MG-X controller worth it?

When I reviewed the Gamesir X2 Lightning and the Backbone, I was blown away by them. The build quality is excellent, the controls are responsive, and they are portable and usable. Fortunately, I feel the same about the Nacon MG-X controller, for the most part. I’ll cover the niggles now and move on to the positives.

Unlike its iOS counterparts, you can’t charge your phone through the charging port. This is a minor thing, but it could prevent you from gaming over long sessions. On top of this, the controller has no external audio point. Now, depending on your phone, this may not be an issue. Luckily, I used Bluetooth headphones to overcome this problem. Yet, if this isn’t available to you, you’ll be restricted to phone audio-only, and that’s not great. This would also impact party or game chat, so this is something to consider.

My final gripe focuses on the triggers and bumper buttons. On a traditional controller, they have a noticeable resistance. Sadly, the Nacon MG-X controller is spongy and not so sharp. Now, this doesn’t undermine the use of the controller, instead, you must adjust to the softer movement.

The Nacon MG-X controller is designed with Game Pass in mind.
Designed with Game Pass in mind.

The positives. 

With the issues out of the way, let’s focus on the overwhelming positives. First, the Bluetooth connection is rapid, has no latency, and is great for your battery. Furthermore, it connects to your phone instantaneously and is a pleasure to set up. Alongside this, the lack of a specific connection point reduces the risk of damage to your mobile or the controller. Both the iOS devices use a snap-on technique that is fiddly to get used to. This controller has none of these concerns, and that is a massive plus point!

The button placement and analogue sticks are fantastic to use. They have a nice amount of travel and are both accurate and responsive. It must be noted that they are smaller than a traditional controller, but this is unsurprising. This more compact design is easy to get used to and comfortable to game with. 

The fantastic design is matched by the excellent build quality. The sturdy plastic shell is durable and compact enough to take on your travels. What’s more, it caters for most phones. If you want the best experience, I recommend you remove your mobile from its case. By doing this, it’ll fit snugly within the jaws and won’t fall out.

If you’re an Android user and love mobile gaming, the Nacon MG-X controller must be considered. The few highlighted niggles will only impact a minority of people and can mostly be disregarded. On the whole, it’s a phenomenal device that takes mobile gaming to a different level. Consequently, I recommend you to buy it here!


Thanks to its excellent build quality, straightforward approach, and great battery life, this is a market leader. What’s more, it is robust enough to chuck in your bag to use whenever you are out and about. There are some excellent alternatives for Android users, but for the money, you won’t get much better. 

(More information on Nacon can be found here!) 

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