ReviewsReview: Demon Turf Neon Splash

Review: Demon Turf Neon Splash


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Demon Turf Neon Splash is a stylish platforming game developed by Fabraz and published by Playtonic Games and it’s a sequel to the original game, Demon Turf. I myself have never played the original Demon Turf game, but was eager to jump into this world simply because of how vibrant it looked. While playing through it, I was thoroughly impressed with the platforming, worlds, and art-style. While it isn’t perfect, I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of platformers to check out this game.


Since this game is a platformer, the main attraction is the gameplay, and I’m happy to say it delivers! It strikes a fun balance while delivering creative levels, challenging platforming, and plenty of collectibles. Each level contains flying lollipops to collect, vinyl’s which unlock remix levels, and for all you speed runners out there, time goals to strive for.

Levels always throw something new at you, one of my favorites being sticky walls and surfaces which allows you to only jump, not run. One of the best features was two checkpoint flags, allowing you to create your own checkpoints, not having the game decide them for you.

I love the visual design of the character, and the animations for doing moves such as dashes, rolls, etc. The game just knows how to have fun, which is something the developers should be proud of. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, it knows what it’s trying to do and it does it very well.

Graphics and Score

I think what most platformers needs are fun worlds to be in and this certainly has that. The graphics are so vibrant, infused with color, inviting the player to explore and enjoy. The contrast of 2-d characters and 3-d worlds work very well, giving the game a unique look. Many of the sounds and visual designs in this game reminded me heavily of Splatoon, including the color trail left behind by the player showing you where you’ve been.

The soundtrack is outstanding as well, the up-beat electronic music fits so well with the style of the game.

Demon Turf neon splash is a platforming tropical paradise!

Closing Remarks

Platforming games can be hit or miss, especially since so many of them have been made. To make a good one, you need style, character, and a world ripe for exploring. Demon Turf Neon Splash nails it, delivering a fun, challenging, and rewarding game, all for an insanely low price!


+ Great Artstyle
+ Rewarding Gameplay
(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch) also available on Windows.
Cody May
Cody May
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Review: Demon Turf Neon Splash+ Great Artstyle <br> + Rewarding Gameplay <br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch) also available on Windows.