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Ready to put your brain to work? Then step right up and try this new puzzling game, FILMECHANISM. There are so many levels, so many frustrating and strategic planning all bundle up in this 8-bit game!

The main hero, who is us the player, is known as Rec. His goal is to complete the game by getting from the main entry location to the goal, which is the flag. As Rec you are recording or in other words, snapping a photo of the level so that you can keep a memory of where everything is located before you move or rearrange things. From there you can move objects and return to the image it was as you snapped the photo beforehand. Now you can complete and finish the level.

This game is all about planning correctly. Just perfect for giving your brain a workout, but can also be a fun achievement when you hit the goal! From normal levels to hard and even the hardest levels in each world, this game will make you feel excited to keep on playing and playing, till you can complete the level. It’s so compelling and so well designed, that the entire game really plays just perfectly and has been well designed in its 8-bit style!

Continuous 8-Bit Fun

I found the entire game is unique with its photo-taking feature. However, it just works out very well and impressively all the levels are solvable, but also challenging! Thankfully, if you make a mistake, just reset and try try again. Simple as that! There is no pressure to be perfect, but just keep playing till you complete the level. That is something I do like, sit back, relax and challenge your mind!

Especially with three types of difficulties and many worlds to visit, this will keep you busy! Especially with over 200 puzzles to complete. It’s not something that can be done in a few minutes or hours. Cause when you even get to finish the simpler levels, the harder and hardest ones will puzzle the mind completely!

This game is very original from any platformer, puzzle-style game I’ve played! It’s cute with this little character Rec and how he can take photos and even return objects where they use to be with simple control. The game background sounds so pleasing and adorable. As is the gameplay and the graphics.

The games may be easy in the beginning, but don’t be fooled it gets a bit trickier along the way. Nevertheless, it’ll all finally make sense after playing for a while. There are so many unique obstacles that make it trickier to complete. Plus, those starting out, the first few levels completely guide you through the controls and what you can do or how to play.

One thing I can say is that making mistakes is a part of life and a part of this game! So making sure to plan out the approach is a must and sometimes, taking a dry run with what you may think might work, can even help out as well. Regardless, there is a location in the pause menu, where you can buy a hint and get help with the level. It will cost you, but you earn each puzzle you play, which helps! After awhile, it will soon all fall into place and be one of those moments, when you reach the end with a little happy shout!

Final Conclusion

Filmechanism is a wonderful game to play and challenges the mind. It’s full of complex and simpler puzzles to figure out. It all depends on the player and how well they are in strategically planning out paths to get from beginning to end, safely. This is one of those games that will keep the player engaged mentally while being joyful being this cute little guy named REC, safely moving around the puzzling level to the goal.

Therefore, I found this game to be a blast for a classic reminder of the 8-bit game style. Also, so much fun with its many levels to play through, without it ending too soon. They all are different and full of obstacles to overcome, which adds to the fun, challenging aspect of this puzzling game to play constantly!


+ Plenty of Challenging Puzzles
+ Classic & Excellent Memorable 8-bit Graphics
+ Cute Character Design and Original Gameplay
+ Playful Background Music and Sound Effects

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: FILMECHANISM+ Plenty of Challenging Puzzles<br> + Classic & Excellent Memorable 8-bit Graphics<br> + Cute Character Design and Original Gameplay<br> + Playful Background Music and Sound Effects<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)