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Review: EGGLIA: Rebirth


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Have you’ve been lately searching for the next best RPG game? Possibly one that’s filled with mystical and alluring character design, a delightful story, plenty of playtime and things to accomplish, and possibly a slight strategic style of combat. Well, look no further! EGGLIA: Rebirth is a game that not only brings the gamer; you into a world of simulated-RPG style gameplay but also puts you in a position where you are the hero, to help defeat cruel and nasty ogres who have taken control of the kingdom, Egglia.

Right away, the captivating and beautifully environmental design of Egglia will grab your attention as well as the impressive and original character’s design, no matter if they are good or bad. Oh yes, and add in the music that plays in the background and you feel like you are bringing to life a real-life fairytale. Better yet, a game that allows you slight control over how the story progresses, even if the main storyline of the game is still to end the same way, no matter what option or way you play.

Unraveling The Game

In the beginning, the art of the game drew me in, as well as the interesting story. I am always pleased to play a truly engaging RPG game. Reading each little speech bubble, understanding the goals, helping others with their quests, and basically discovering how to play the game. At first, I admit the game begins like many RPGs with a little bit of a story to read through. Next, the adventure begins, discovering the many territories of the kingdom which is entrapped inside of eggs. Each one begins to reveal a new location to visit with plenty to collect, discover and even battle along the way. As each egg is found, they are opened where ever the player loves to place them, creating a larger world to move freely through. Of course, there is one main place, which we call our own location, by naming it and having our home and friends all living there.

After playing for a while and getting further into the game. You are able to do so much more, as many other locations become available for you to access. Such as being a bit of a farmer, planting seeds to create crystals, or planting bulbs to form new items worth feeding spirits, which you can call upon in a fight. Additionally, the new lands to visit, are able to obtain new products that fulfill many of the needs and quests requested and accepted by you the hero, from your new friends. All of this works together to not only benefit everyone but even allows us to acquire new furniture and even build a bigger house. Basically with all of this, we build a better relationship with our friends, we benefit ourselves and there is just so much more we can do and collect.

Honestly, there is so much you can do within this game, not just to fight and finish the story. There is so much to collect and have it marked in the encyclopedia of things seen and obtained, which there are so many! I honestly find myself loving the freedom to venture all over and play the game a bit more freely than just one path to start to end. I took much longer to play the game and still keep playing it because I love working on designing my own home and getting to know the villagers as well as helping to accomplish many more things.

BoardGame Battle Sequence

If you wanted to try something new when it comes to battling in an RPG adventure game, well this one is just that! It’s definitely not like any regular RPG battle nor like many other strategy games. It actually includes a die to roll and many other objects to collect, not just fighting or defeating. It can act as a way to obtain and collect some much-needed supplies as well as defeat enemies. Each option within the battle board is illustrated easily with the images that appear above each hexagon-shaped space.

There is no chance of getting lost or feeling confused, as the game has plenty of helpful guidance and as stated before, it’s very easy to understand how to play. Especially, by playing the game straight from the beginning to the end. Plus, what can’t one love. As it’s a mix of a simulated, RPG, and strategy game combo. Let’s just say it’s got something for everyone. Especially plenty of action worthy of leveling up our character, and things to purchase or obtain while playing.

I also want to express the other reason why I love this game’s battle design and effects. It’s very animated and comes to life as you play. I feel like I’m at first playing a board game, moving to my next area by the number that appears on the single die. Then I get to decide on what I want to do next, it’s simple. By just using a single button most of the time, a little planning, but nothing too complex, I’m playing and moving quickly without a problem. Of course, it also is just a fun way to play, and the joy you get of playing a board game and getting to see the animation being animated on the screen as you play.

The only little, minor negative feeling about the battle issue is that of the die. It is just this single die, no problem there, but it moves just as fast as the loading pages do. You can’t even hold it and hope for a better roll, it just seems to roll with one click and that’s it. Not that it will bother many, but I guess I miss holding the die a bit longer to get that real board game feel and hoping for a higher number. Still, it’s just a minor issue I have cause I like being able to hold the die a bit longer as I would if I was playing a game of Yahtzee or any other game with die or dice, like monopoly.

Is the Game Fully Finished?

Regardless, of the beautiful art that is seen throughout the game, I felt there were just a few issues I could find myself perplexed about the game. I wasn’t sure if it’s in a beta stage, waiting to be finished. Especially, where the graphics are a bit more stable and you can actually move around, visiting buildings than just being limited to what you see or can do.

At first, it feels like Animal Crossing with a mix of Harvest Moon. The art of character design and action in gameplay made me feel this way. Just played a bit differently. However, I felt it to be a bit limited in the simulated attributes of the game. I was just grateful to know it was going to be this combinational game, but that requires a lot of time to put that together and this just aims a bit short of perfection in just a few areas. On the other hand, if a few things were fixed, it could be just as great as playing Zelda or many grand RPG-style games, maybe even better!

There is one last thing I must add about me and this game. I feel as if EGGLIA: Rebirth had me on a tightrope, where I’m right in the center, trying to decide if it’s something I could love and get past the many limitations and the few improvements it could surely use. If this was possible, maybe the changes would allow me to keep going forward, or if it’s something I just want to head back and be grateful to have tried it and never pick it up again, as it’s not going to get any better. Maybe I mean to say, it’s a very well-designed game, especially in the RPG-style gameplay, but then it isn’t that great or completely finished as a simulated aspect of the game. Leaving me In some ways, I’m getting mixed signals on how I feel.

What Could Use Improvement

There is no doubt that this game totally can consume you with its beautiful, enlightening graphics and song that plays in the background. However, one minor issue with the graphics. There can be some issues that feel as if they could work on it a bit more. In some areas of the game, we can find ourselves walking straight through objects. For example, inside the house we are built, adding objects and finding myself like Animal Crossing, enjoying decorating the home. However, there is no ability to actually utilize them. These actually make the game feel less than perfect or as if I’m playing a beta version of the game. Nevertheless, I feel if this was fixed, it could have been way better!

At least, the details on how to play are very well explained from the start. Once you continue further into the game, more is taught and learned. Plus there are plenty of details shown in the form of photos and text printed on the screen. Better yet, when moving from one place to the next, as the player we don’t have to expect the loading time to be too long to get to the next section. It’s quite fast and could be a pleasing part of a game that many may desire.

Regardless of the speed in loading, this can be a bit of a displeasing feature. It won’t allow you enough time to read the helpful tips that may be important to learn. I actually feel that sometimes I just want to capture a screenshot before it’s done loading. So I can take a peek at what I’ve missed and be able to look over it again, getting the chance to read it fully and completely. Not to say that I don’t like that I can quickly get from one section to the next quickly, but if there are words to be read, well it isn’t very easy to do when you only have a few seconds to read it.

On the other hand, when you can bypass some loading time, it allows you to get into the next part of the journey or necessary obstacle you need to complete quickly. Yet, I do hope those tips weren’t too significant to know, as they were missed plenty of times. Oh but, wait, there are even more aspects of the game I do find perfect! I have to compliment how well the game is designed for all ages, which everyone can play! Nothing is too scary, bloody, or horrible for young or older eyes to view. The characters are quite lively in how they speak. It really is a game that is entertaining no matter if it’s reading the words spoken, understanding the gameplay, or venturing on and collecting, obtaining, and battling the baddies.

Final Thoughts

I finally like to say that this game is quite amusing and entertaining. It’s full of beautiful scenes, nifty-looking characters that I’ve not seen in any other game, and a few minor issues, but everything is well-designed. I mean it’s practically perfect from start to finish and everything in between. The world is gorgeous and the characters fit the story quite well. Each with their own personal spicy attitude and mannerisms.

I just still can’t get enough of the character design, as it was the first thing that attracted me to this game. So I am grateful to have had a chance to try it out, and honestly, couldn’t wait for it to be released! It really is an amazing game, long and enjoyable. Plus, it significantly exceeded my expectations and is way better than I could imagine it would have been!


+ Bright and Cheerful Worldy Environments and Creative Character Design
+ Enjoyable RPG Story to Play Through
+ Beautiful Background Music
+ Excellent Animated Battle Sequence & Effects

- The Loading Screen Is Fast, But There Isn't Much Time To Read What The Long Passage Is Telling You(Hopefully It's Not Important?)
- Many Parts Move Quickly Then Normal or One Would Expect
- Doesn't Feel Very Completed or if it's Still in Beta Stage - Walking Through Furniture & Other Objects, Graphics Not Perfect

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Bright and Cheerful Worldy Environments and Creative Character Design<br> + Enjoyable RPG Story to Play Through<br> + Beautiful Background Music<br> + Excellent Animated Battle Sequence & Effects<br><br> - The Loading Screen Is Fast, But There Isn't Much Time To Read What The Long Passage Is Telling You(Hopefully It's Not Important?)<br> - Many Parts Move Quickly Then Normal or One Would Expect<br> - Doesn't Feel Very Completed or if it's Still in Beta Stage - Walking Through Furniture & Other Objects, Graphics Not Perfect<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)Review: EGGLIA: Rebirth