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Review: Neon Abyss


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Neon Abyss, is one game that turned out to be my favorite and really impressive! It’s the first stunning game I’ve played lately with the features. Of course, it’s all done in this bright neon style design which is what you see throughout the entire game. It’s very much a grabber of my attention, plus the background music just works with it, perfectly! The characters just appear a perfect fit and the story is designed excellently, making it all just work!

My first impression of this game was just how excited I am to play it! When I first turned this game on, I honestly didn’t want to put my controller down, once I started playing! It’s just something I can see myself investing time in enjoying on a daily basis as it’s quite amusing and entertaining. Plenty of weapon choices to take advantage of, which the cat as a weapon was cute and a bit comical. Plus, the chance to choose a new character, unlocking different ones as well as earning enough to upgrade one’s accessories or buying specific items really proves that there is more to the game than something that will last only an hour.

It totally won’t be the most boring game, but the most exhilarating style platform game one can play at this time! I honestly loved the story design as well as the funny features that are included. It’s seriously a cute game for everyone. Plus not too difficult to get a hang of.

What was funny, is that I got a bit spooked, like the game was going to be closely related to the Purge. Those movies had a round-style face and neon lights on them. Like a spooky mask, even can be for Halloween. However, this was totally not the case. Though it does add to the edge and possibly that underworld feel, as the game goes on. I just thought it was a bit spooky and intriguing what this game had to bring before even playing.

So I guess even a game’s cover image or title screen won’t be exactly what one should expect. As true as judging anyone. No matter, it’s quite an excellent game and the title screen made me want to play it even more, or fear it if it’s spookier than I was thinking. Luckily, it’s not a scary game and much more enjoyable!

By the way, one downside that I felt really annoyed me in this game. Just in the beginning. I felt the one issue I had and it really isn’t something horrible as the game is superb even if it wasn’t able to be fixed. So I confess that I had a problem with the controls as the game may be an easy one to learn by the beginning guidance, explaining in each section the controls to move the character. However, it is a bit hard when I am so used to playing a game with the jump and weapon action being designated as one of the letter buttons on the controller. So it’s not that hard to get used to, but thankfully they allow for a controller adjusting; change.

I was able to make my jumping a bit easier on my controller, but unluckily the shooting needs to be with the analog stick as it’s used to shoot in every direction. The rest was perfect, just really two things that bothered me. Yet, when I was able to adjust to a key; a button that suited me it wasn’t quite bad. I don’t there was anything else that annoyed me. As the game plays great and I couldn’t want better!

Honestly, platformer games are very amusing and entertaining for me. Especially growing up with Mario as my favorite. So to play a pixel, platform-style game even in these modern, 3D style times, I really just love it! Therefore, I can only say that out of many of the recent ones I’ve tried this year, this game is superb and so worth it!


+ Exciting and Original
+ Fun Selection of Character Choice
+ Full of Action
+ Creative Platform Design
+ Weapon Variety
+ Entertaining

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.


  1. Your reviews are really poor. It is literally just you saying what you thought of the game rather than what games are like and scoring everything highly. Plus you do so many in a short space of time. You definitely haven’t played them to the full extent

    • Reviews are subjective – what one reviewer scores highly another will score poorly. Just looking at Metacritic for this game shows a range of scores from 6s to several 9s. There are even some 10 reviews out there. I personally havent played the game so I cant comment. As for doing many reviews in a short space of time – just because multiple reviews are published on the same day, doesn’t mean they were all played and reviewed on the same day. I often make all my notes on reviews, do images, etc and then write up several when I have the time and publish them together. There is no downside to publishing multiple reviews in the same day.

      • I’m aware that games aren’t always played and reviewed on the same day. I’m a frequent reader here and no disrespect to the site whatsoever. But a review should consist of so many “I’s”. I did this and I was impressed with that.

        I’m just trying to help the reviewer understand that you need to elaborate on the ins and outs of the game. I didn’t really gain any of that in this review

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+ Exciting and Original<br> + Fun Selection of Character Choice<br> + Full of Action<br> + Creative Platform Design<br> + Weapon Variety<br> + Entertaining <br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)Review: Neon Abyss