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Review: Nowhere Prophet


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Nowhere Prophet is a very different game, mixed with an adventure and card strategy battling together. It’s not too difficult. Like many strategy games, it requires you to keep your brain concentrating and planning each move, possibly a few moves you’ll want to make later on the board. No matter, it’s easy to comprehend and a game that can easily be played by many new card players.

The many impressions I got from the game, is it’s like my crew is going on an adventure that requires planning and tactical moves when moving across the map, to the location you are aiming towards. However, it’s not only just a game you move on freely and battle enemies, like a typical strategy game. Instead, your battles require you to play against the others by using cards against the enemy.

Plus, the cards are actually the team we have, and each card is a new member to add to the main gameboard. So each encounter on this adventure could be a win, where we can move on or a loss. It’s not too different from many strategy games, just its design is a bit unique with a combination of games in one, adding a more challenging twist.

In addition, there is another challenging aspect other than the card game battle against another enemy at each encounter. While traveling you never know what may happen on this journey making it another plan you must think about to avoid these obstacles. Nevertheless, even if there is much to think about, it’s not too hard to play or understand after you get the gist of the game. To me, it’s an interesting game when it comes to a strategy card game, which I’m liking quite a bit!

There feels to be one advantage with this strategy game. If anyone wants to learn what it takes to defeat others in a card game, this can be a good place to start. It’s too difficult how it’s designed. The game’s cards are easy to read and know the info of each explained quite clearly, what the cards will do for you and how much pain it will give the other team.

Again, with the easy read of the cards. What I like is that the cards are done with two colors, yellow and red. The two explain clearly how much or how less the battle capability would be when trying to attack another. If you aim to hit the enemy’s card that is with a 2 and you have a 3, you’ll defeat the enemy quite easily. There is only that one type of hit the card will give from your hand. Making it straightforward.

The other feature that can put a bit more damage towards your card played and many others is that it also will get a hit right back at you after the defeat or incomplete defeat. So it’s not super easy and it won’t always end up the way one wants, but it definitely requires time to plan for the present and future attacks. You never know what will lurk next in the other’s hand and if you have anything to defeat them.

Afterward, it’s not just the cards you play as the crew; team members. Instead, you are also in charge of your own self. I guess it’s like you are a card in this game too. If the team isn’t defending or blocking anymore, and vice versa for the other side. You end up fair game for attacks and can be defeated, causing you to lose. So it’s practically everyone you hold in your hands and yourself can be attacked, while you or the enemy can’t possess an attack, but the cards you play. Very different and quite a nice addition to the game.

Lastly, it’s a game I feel quite easy to learn after just the first round of battles. The challenger is a bit harder and it will provide one’s brain a bit of a workout, thinking out the next tactic. However, it doesn’t really bring that much difficulty if you plan and focus on the cards being played, which is pleasant. Though focusing on the game in total, from the adventure to the card game, it can pose a few challenges to keep your team going and you as the player to reach the goal location.


+ Variety of Cards to Play
+ Challenging Strategy Game
+ Creative Character Design and Scenes
+ Motivating Background Music
- A Bit Much Reading

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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+ Variety of Cards to Play<br> + Challenging Strategy Game<br> + Creative Character Design and Scenes<br> + Motivating Background Music<br> - A Bit Much Reading<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)Review: Nowhere Prophet