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Review: Magic Twins


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Magic Twins is a sweet little puzzle game following the story of two twin witches in the quaint town of Mallorca. Although the premise is simple from the get-go, as you progress through the game you begin to develop your puzzle solving skills throughout a series of levels and tasks. Magic Twins can be enjoyed either single player, or favourably with a partner in order to learn a variety of spells and progress. To those playing this game solo, things do become challenging so I’d definitely recommend recruiting a friend. 

Simple story

The aim of Magic Twins is to change the colour of Abra and Cadabra’s uniforms with magic. Somewhat expectedly, something goes wrong during the casting and the pair bring Colormageddon to the world. Suddenly colours are coming to life, and wish to harm the twins. You must utilise their skills in order to protect them and also restore faith before Colormageddon takes over Mallorca. You are assisted by a cynical cauldron, who aids your journey in a tutorial-esque fashion. Throughout the game there isn’t really any narrative development and characters remain the same as when you start the game. Colormageddon is exciting and creates a feeling of urgency, sure, but you will question if it’s enough to keep you invested. 

Chibi cuteness

The art style is cheerful, and the music fits well. Everything follows an earthy, dark academia aesthetic. It’s easy on the eyes, and would appeal to all ages. Both Abra and Cadabra talk in a number of sounds rather than any sort of language, and the text moves slow enough to ensure it can be read before moving on to the next element of the story. With a simple concept to follow you can get cracking on puzzles very quickly, but they can become repetitive. Especially if you are playing solo. Periodically through levels, the twins encounter rifts which pump out new enemies to keep things fresh, but every level is pretty much the same. 

Rather repetitive 

Each level presents a different puzzle, which seems pretty simple once you get the hang of controls. But these levels begin to challenge you with regards to speed and accuracy. You don’t learn any new moves as the game progresses but you will need to ensure you’re moving fast and attacking sharply. I played the majority of this game on my own, which became rapidly more difficult as I got further with levels. The CPU solo players are given as assistance is ideal for early levels since your capabilities are well matched. As more enemies start pouring out of rifts and Colormageddon spills chaos into Mallorca, you’ll need a little more assistance.

The CPU eventually becomes weak and you have to take over that half of the screen as well, causing more panic and you’re better off finding someone to play with. It is possible to play as both twins, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Enemies are produced at the rate to be taken down by two players. It doesn’t slow down if there’s only one of you. 

Final thoughts

As a whole, Magic Twins is an enjoyable puzzle game for two people to pass the time with. It’s cute, and simple, and definitely something I’d invite my friends to play again. If I were to be looking for a puzzle game to play on my own though, this isn’t one I’d necessarily reach for. It’s fun, but repeating the same thing is only fun for a little while. 


Magic Twins is a cooperative arcade puzzler game in which Abra and Cadabra must use their chromagic powers to defeat hordes of color elementals and stop the Colormageddon.

+ Cute art style
+ Simple for everyone to pick up on
+ Enjoyable multiplayer
- Single player CPU help is basically useless
- Levels get a little boring after a while

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch but also available on Steam
Kara Phillips
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