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Review: Neoverse


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Neoverse is a deck-building RPG that reinvents the genre by adding new mechanics that bring the game to life. When you think of deck-building games, you instantly think of classics such as Yugioh. Neoverse takes classic elements from these games and adds its unique twist to the genre, providing a fresh, rewarding and strategic gameplay experience that is incredibly satisfying.

A Fresh Take on an Ageing Genre

When you first start Neoverse, you will be instantly struck by the stunning graphics of the game. The game looks outstanding and adds a nice flare to the games deck-building gameplay. The game’s graphics and art style are in solid 3D animation and add a new take to the already saturated 2D deck-building genre. It brings life to the game, making you feel immersed in the genre that can, at most times, feel just an extension of the real world deck-building scene. Neoverse also has a beautiful soundtrack, with adventure beats sure to put a spring in your step when you are anxiously trying to an enemy. The music is what you would expect from a deck-building game, adding pacing to an already slow-moving game and genre.

A Battle Sequence

Its outstanding gameplay mechanics match Neoverse’s great graphics and music. As mentioned, Neoverse is a strategic turn-based deck-building game. Whereby you build your best deck from a variety of different card types. In short, you use these cards strategically to take down various enemies throughout the games primary campaign. For example, you may place down multiple defence cards to parry an enemy attack while ending your turn with a quick attack to finish the enemy off. Although a relatively simple example of the games battle mechanics, the mechanics themselves get a lot more complex and strategic.

Strategic Gameplay at its Finest

Its complex and strategic gameplay mechanics make this game shine. The strategic elements of the game not only make Neoverse incredibly fun and enjoyable but also engaging. Truthfully, I am not a big fan of the deck building genre. Even for a sceptic of the genre, I found myself drawn into the games intense strategic gameplay and constantly addicted to the games ability to make the whole deck-building process very engaging. Everything felt fluid and rewarding, making the game very satisfying and a joy to play.

A selection of Neoverse’s various cards

Likewise, Neoverse has a great skill and level up system adding further depth to the game. In this regard, I appreciate the developers leaving out microtransactions that could have been so easily left in. Which is to the games benefit, Neoverse is a rewarding experience that microtransactions would have tainted.

As highlighted, Neoverse is a fun, rewarding experience that will convince even the most adamant sceptics of the genre to pick up a controller and play the game. However, that does not mean that the game is easy to jump into from the outset. It is not.

Although the game does an excellent job of putting you right in the heart of the action, it was initially confusing and did a poor job of teaching me the game. Likewise, at times the game can be rather unforgiving, at least at the start. However, after you get into the game, the experience becomes a breeze.


Overall, Neoverse is a challenging and strategic deck-building game. That provides a fresh new take on the genre instead of sticking to its predecessors and peers’ formulaic nature. In doing so, the game is incredibly satisfying and rewarding with considerable depth. Sure to convince even sceptics of the genre to pick up their decks.


+Great graphics
+Appealing soundtrack
+Fun and fresh strategic gameplay
+Considerable depth and replayability
+Rewarding and satisfying gameplay experience
-Difficult and unforgiving
-Poor tutorial

(Reviewed on PlayStation 5, also available on PS4, Xbox One and PC)
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