ReviewsReview: Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition.

Review: Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition.


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Do you wish you could change the world? To be able to solve poverty or hunger? Maybe you simply want to help the sick become better? If the latter option is your dream, then maybe you can fulfil it in Theme Hospital’s spiritual sequel, Two Point Hospital.

Developed by Two Point Studios and Red Kite Games Limited and published by SEGA Europe, this resource management, business game has been around since 2018 on PC. It’s a well-received title that draws many comparisons to the original hospital simulator, Theme Hospital. This is not surprising, as most of the developers from Bullfrog Productions worked on this project.

Like most great sim titles, this one has released some in-depth DLC that adds; cosmetic and essential items, illnesses, and new locations. The version that I will look at is Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition for console. This edition of the game comes with every DLC that has been released to date and this is the most comprehensive way to play.

The ward will ensure you leave healthy.

Two Point Hospital is the game that keeps giving.

Sim games draw in a certain type of gamer. You will need; an eye for detail, the ability to stay calm under pressure, and you must be able to micromanage. If you tick all those boxes, then no doubt you’ll love every moment that Two Point Hospital offers. This single-player game asks you to build and manage a hospital through many unique crisis situations. You are in charge of; research, training, building layout, the hiring of staff and the cosmetic look of your facility.

You will control; the day-to-day business of curing each patient, appeasing the health board, and balancing workload with morale There are many plates spinning simultaneously and all you need to do is prevent them from falling (easier said than done). Each hospital that you run forms part of your corporation. If the business does badly, it’ll affect your reputation. You’ll need to monitor every facet of your business to ensure that you are a success in the medical field.

It’s 40% serious, 50% stupendously silly and 10% bizarre.

This wouldn’t be a business sim if there wasn’t an ounce of seriousness. In Two Point Hospital you will focus on; prestige, levels, money and curing people. Objectives are offered by; colleagues, emergencies, health visitors and more. The better you do, the more cash you earn. Stars are awarded to each hospital, with the goal to achieve 3 stars per location. As well as the stars, an annual award ceremony highlights how you have done against the NPC’s. This offers a small reward and acts as an opportunity to boast and nothing more.

The management side of the game is great, and one of the better examples of the genre. But what makes this stand out against its peers is the utterly stupid names given to the diseases, the bizarre descriptions and the design of each infected person. If you don’t laugh until you hurt while playing, there is something seriously wrong with you. I suggest you should check yourself into one of your own facilities to be checked over. You will deal with; premature mummification, someone who is wrapped in bandages but not yet dead. Animal magnetism, when animals are attracted to you like metal to a magnet. Jest infection suddenly dressing as a clown is essential, and many more. How they came up with these is beyond me, but it matters not as they are side splittingly hilarious. 

It’s a light bulb moment.

The diseases of Two Point Hospital need some specialist equipment and staff. 

Unusual and never been seen diseases cannot use a regular machine to cure them. No, Two Point Hospital has a long list of speciality rooms and equipment to cure each patient you see. A light bulb remover, chromatherapy, pharmacist with a speciality drugs machine, cardiology, wards and so forth. The machines get bigger, stranger and more amusing. No matter how many times you see a person spun around or unscrewed by the neck, it’ll make you giggle. 

Yet the machines are only part of the tale: The right equipment is a must, but equally important is the correct member of staff. Each has a special skill set, and certain procedures cannot go ahead without them. Pay through the roof for a specialist, or train them up yourself. The choice is yours. 

One method costs you money, the other time, you must weigh up which you can afford to lose. Specialists are great, they reduce the risk of death, increase productivity and you can charge more per procedure. So, they must be considered a long term investment. 

This is where the complexity arises. On the surface, it’s a straightforward title that takes you on a journey as a business owner. In reality, it’s a multilayered experience that requires planning, strategy and luck. Its stupidly hectic will overwhelm you, and make you scream, but what a game to play. 

A busy hospital in a glorious setting.

So vibrant and wonderful to look at. 

PC ports can be a disaster on console. The usual complaint is the complicated and stuffy UI. Luckily, this issue is nowhere to be seen. The UI is simplicity personified and is remarkably easy to navigate. Sub menus are easy to find and to scroll through, with the text size being large enough to view on a 50″ TV from over 4 metres away. It made a pleasant change to have something so user friendly. 

If you’ve played The Sims, Theme Park or Theme Hospital, you’ll know exactly what this’ll look like. Vibrant and bright tones make up much of the colour palette. A cartoon style runs through every element, adding fun and humour throughout. It plays incredibly smoothly, is easy to move around and building each room is straightforward. Every disease you observe is unique and many have specific animations that are amusing to observe.

This enjoyment continues in the brilliantly thought out audio. Jovial music plays continually, ensuring there is never a quiet moment. The soundtracks play second fiddle to the cracking tannoy announcements and the striking sound effects. Curing the patients looks and sounds horrific, yet somehow you can’t turn away. The audio is a key component in delivering the comedy moments. Without it, much of the gameplay would fall flat. 

A severe case of premature mummification.

It’s a dream to play. 

The controls replicate the simplicity of the UI. I was shocked by how easy this was to play. A tutorial holds your hand to begin with, and takes you through the finer details. But I don’t think it was necessary as it is so straightforward. Having previously played it on PC, I expected it to be a challenging experience to swap to console. Luckily, the transition from mouse and keyboard to controller was painless and smooth. 

People talk about COD and FIFA being widow makers, but Two Point Hospital is equally addictive. Hours of your life will be lost in creating the perfect medical facility that hosts the best trained staff. You must; earn plenty of rep points, kudosh, stars and complete career objectives. There are masses of locations to visit, diseases to cure and equipment to buy. This is before you consider the challenging achievement list. It’s a game that is jam packed with replay value and you’ll struggle to put it down. 

Is Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition worth it? 

There is an argument that bundled editions of games are just another way to generate revenue, and generally I agree with this. But, Two Point Hospital is available for free for anyone who subscribes to Gamepass. So the base game will cost you nothing. If you own it, you can simply upgrade to the JUMBO Edition for £14, which is great value. If you want the fully comprehensive version, then it can be purchased here! At £35, it’s still good value when you consider the content. 

A ridiculously addictive and manic strategy game that will have you laughing throughout. Easy to pick up and play with many in-depth options. I strongly recommend it! Choose your hospital, cure the diseases and become the best around. 


Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition is a fantastic hospital business management simulation title. A welcome spiritual sequel to the much loved Theme Hospital. Easy to control, and simple to pick up and play. This is a game that should be in your library.

+ Hilarious character models.
+ Funny tannoy announcements.
+ Easy to learn.
+ Plenty of replay value.
+ Great value for money.
- It can be hectic.

(Reviewed on Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.)
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
My gaming career started on an Amiga and spans many consoles! Currently, I game using an MSI laptop and Xbox Series X. A fan of every genre, I love to give anything a go. Former editor and reviewer for, I'm loving my new home here at Movies Games and Tech. I can be contacted for gaming reviews on the following email:

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Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition is a fantastic hospital business management simulation title. A welcome spiritual sequel to the much loved Theme Hospital. Easy to control, and simple to pick up and play. This is a game that should be in your library.<br/> <br/> + Hilarious character models.<br/> + Funny tannoy announcements.<br/> + Easy to learn.<br/> + Plenty of replay value.<br/> + Great value for money.<br/> - It can be hectic.<br/> <br/> (Reviewed on Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.)<br/>Review: Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition.