Disney+ reveals and news has certainly taken centre stage at D23 Expo in Anaheim, and Kevin Feige himself took to the stage to confirm three brand new MARVEL TV shows for the streaming service. Miss Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon-Knight.


Miss Marvel will be based on the modern incarnation of the character, Pakistani American teenager called Kamela Khan who is also MARVEL’s first Muslim character to be lead her own comics title and now her own TV show. Miss Marvel is very much similar to Peter Parker in the sense that she is a teenager trying to juggle real life problems as well as trying to learn how to use her polymorphous powers which enables her to stretch and shapeshift.


‘She-Hulk’ happens to be Bruce Banner’s cousin who instead of turning into a monstrous rage beast, actually has a far milder version of his Hulk who whilst made her a large, powerful green skinned version of herself, unlike the Hulk, she retains her personality allowing her to keep her intelligence and emotional control whilst having the super strength of the Hulk.


The cloaked and hooded hero known as Moon Knight who was a mercenary soldier left for dead who was then resurrected by an ancient Egyptian moon god known as Khonshu in exchange for being his avatar on Earth. Marc later returns to New York and where he becomes a millionaire entrepreneur as well as Moon Knight.

So far all we have are the names of the shows and the promise made by Kevin Feige during the announcement that these would be nothing like any other MARVEL TV Show. I can already see from social media that there is a concern that the use of these characters, especially Miss MARVEL and She-Hulk, might prevent them from being used in the next phase of the MCU but we know that the WandaVision show will tie directly into the next Dr Strange film, so these could really be laying the foundation for the characters before bringing them into the MCU fully.