Speculation about a stand alone Obi-Wan film has been going around for the last few years following the original plans to have standalone anthology Star Wars films following the succes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Sadly however, following the total box office and critical disaster that was Solo, plans for any anthology were put on immediate hold.

But then rumours began to circulate that the planned Obi-Wan film was to be turned into a Disney+ instead and today on the opening day of D23 Expo…it was all confirmed:

Producer Kathleen Kennedy and McGregor himself appeared on stage with Kennedy announcing that “We have all the scripts written we’re ready to start shooting next year.”

From the below image of the revised timeline of how all the films, animation series and new Disney+ series, which Kenobi: A Star Wars Story will make the third live action Star Wars series for Disney+ alongside The Mandalorian and the still untitled series based on Cassian Andor. Obi-Wan will be set after the prequels and during the events of Solo.


It will no doubt explore the time Kenobi spent in exile on Tattoine as he watched over Luke Skywalker, this could bring him into contact with the Hutts but I am really hoping it wont take him off planet for any reason as this would mess with the lore of his character. We do see Kenobi one time during the final season of Star Wars: Rebels when he and Darth Maul have one final encounter with Obi-Wan the older man we see in Episode IV: A New Hope.

But production will not happen until 2020 so the wait for news on the story will have to wait.