From Vodafone’s NEW V-Bag Tracker to the V-Auto Tracker – treat your dad to a gadget gift this Father’s Day (Sunday, 16th June) with these innovative GPS trackers from

V-Auto Car Tracker

£85 (£4 per month V-Auto service fee)


If you’re prone to forgetting where you’ve parked your car – Vodafone’s V-Auto Car Tracker will put your mind at rest. It will pinpoint exactly where your car is through your smartphone using the ‘Find My Car Feature.With ‘Safety Score’ you’ll also receive driving performance stats to help impove your road safety’

V-Bag Tracker TrackiSafe

£50 (plus £3 per month service fee)

The new V-Bag Tracker TrackiSafe is the perfect gift – giving you peace of mind that your bag is safe whilst you’re travelling. Whether it’s underneath your seat on the train or left in one of the luggage compartments, with its GPS, light sensors and personalised ‘Safe Zones’, you’ll always know where your bag is and will receive an alert directly to your smartphone if it’s moved.

V-Pet Tracker Pod 3

£105 (plus £4 per month service fee)

With the new V-Pet Tracker Pod 3 you’ll never have to feel separated from your furry friend again. You can track your pet’s location via GPS and set ‘Safe Zones’ to be notified directly to your smartphone if your pet strays somewhere it shouldn’t.