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Three UK Launches New “Live” 4G+ Technology To Improve Internet Speeds


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Three UK has today announced that it has launched new 4G technology to improve mobile internet speeds by between 15% and 33%, targeting areas that are experiencing a boom in mobile internet demand.

Over 2,700 sites across cities such as London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow have been upgraded to enable ‘carrier aggregation’, which combines Three’s 4G spectrum bands to release its full power potential and ensure customers have speedy interest wherever they are.

The new ‘live’ technology responds to mobile internet use in real-time – kicking into action during periods of high data use. Those people with devices that support carrier aggregation technology (around 50% of devices on Three) will experience a significant improvement in service and will know they are using the new live 4G technology by the 4G+ sign that will appear on their phone.

Alongside this all of Three’s 10 million customers will reap the rewards of the new technology as capacity across the entire network is freed up – allowing them to use their phone for the things they love. With the average Three UK customer currently consuming 3.5 times more mobile data than the industry average, it is expected to significantly improve the mobile experience for customers, while also serving as a crucial building block for the development of Three’s 5G network.

Dave Dyson, Chief Executive at Three UK, said: “Three customers are the highest consumers of data, with this trend expected to continue for several years. As we ready our network for 5G, we’re moving quickly to put the right technology in place to deliver the most reliable mobile experience for our customers. This latest innovation plays a critical role in ensuring our customers will be able to make the most of their mobile devices, both now and in the future.”

This news follows an announcement in September where Three UK, O2 and SSE Enterprise Telecoms released details of a fibre agreement that will form the basis of enhanced fibre access in London, paving the way for further 4G and 5G deployment by connecting cell sites and masts through Thames Water’s wastewater network.

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