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Google officially announces the Pixel and Pixel XL


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Today Google has official announce the new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are now finally official, at a price.


The different for the new smartphones are primarily by the size and resolution of their screens 5-inch 1080p display on the Pixel and a 5.5-inch Quad HD panel on the XL, the two devices are built by HTC, but Google takes full credit for their design and makes this explicit with its “phone by Google” branding.


Both Pixel models are powered by the latest Snapdragon 821 processor and run a specialized version of Google’s Android software, which includes support for the Daydream virtual reality platform that was announced at Google I/O in the summer.

Google Assistant. Pixel is the first phone with the new Google Assistant built in. When you touch and hold the home button or say the “hot word,” the Assistant “jumps into action.”

– Camera experience.
– Endless cloud storage.
– Connectivity and communications.
– Made for mobile virtual reality.

With DXOMark getting the new Pixel a score of 89 this beats the iPhone 7 with 86 “Best smartphone camera anyone has ever made.”


The Pixel and Pixel XL has a 12.3-megapixel resolution camera with large 1.55-micron pixels and an f/2.0 aperture. Google claims that its new camera has “the shortest capture time on any mobile camera ever.” There’s also very intricate, gyroscope-based video stabilization on board, however there’s no optical image stabilization for stills. Google isn’t shy in presenting this as the best smartphone ever.

Also Google will allow free unlimited storage for full-resolution images and videos shot with the Pixel. That’s much like the standard Google Photos backup ability, but takes off the size limit and compression, even on 4K video shot with the new phone.

With the Pixel XL has a 3,450mAh battery and the Pixel has a 2,770mAh battery. Both displays are AMOLED, both devices have 4GB of RAM, USB-C, a choice of 32GB or 128GB of storage, Bluetooth 4.2, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


The UK pricing of the Pixel is £599 for 32GB/ £699 for 128GB and Pixel XL is £719 for 32GB and £819 for 128GB. With Quite Black and Very Silver are available from Google but the Really Blue gets no love in the UK.

With EE only UK carrier for the Pixel/Pixel XL the new smartphones are on a range of price plans. The Pixel is free on a £50.99 a month, 24 month 4GEE plan, which comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 10GB of mobile data a month for existing customers. The Pixel XL is also available free on a £55.99 a month, 24 month plan, and comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 10GB of mobile data a month for existing customers. 4GEE Plan customers receive unlimited minutes, texts and 500MB of data a month for use abroad in the EU.

Alternatively, for just £5 per month more, customers can get Pixel and Pixel XL on 4GEE Max plans giving people access to the UK’s fastest 4G speeds, and inclusive access to the BT Sport App for the duration of the plan. What’s more, customers can use their plan’s call, text and data allowance to ‘roam like home’ when abroad in the EU. Customers who pre-order before 20th October will receive a £50 Google Play voucher they can use to purchase content from the Google Play store.

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Chris Hare
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