FamilyE3 2016:Nordic Games/Wired Productions/Le Cortex become We Sing Productions

E3 2016:Nordic Games/Wired Productions/Le Cortex become We Sing Productions


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We Sing returns in 2016, so grab your mics, as the band is back! Nordic Games, Wired Productions, and Le Cortex has announce the formation of We Sing Productions, a new company with the remit to create leading edge singing games based on the We Sing IP for multiple platforms through an array of distribution channels.

We Sing
Each partner played a crucial role in the original We Sing success story, which began in 2009 as the first music game that supported up to four mics, and has sold over 1.5 million units to-date. The aim is to make We Sing the number one music game franchise, working closer than ever with the Music Labels to bring some extra-special exclusives, as well as a three tiered product strategy that will be unveiled over the coming weeks.

The first game from We Sing Productions launches later this year and will be followed by revolutionary inter-connected initiatives soon after.

Nik Blower, Nordic Games said, “Our long standing, close relationship and past successes with both Wired Productions and Le Cortex has provided the perfect opportunity to take back the singing genre crown. We are now realising plans which have been in our hearts and minds for quite some time.”

“We’re delighted to partner with Nordic Games and Le Cortex within this new company dedicated to the success of We Sing,” said Leo Zullo, Wired Productions. He continued, “We truly believe we have a line-up that will engage and excite music fans the world over.”

Frédéric Sommer and Johan Spielmann, Le Cortex continued, “Bringing We Sing to a host of new platforms and distribution channels beginning later this year is incredibly exciting. We can’t wait to share news with you in the near future on what we’ve all been working on.

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