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CyberLink Releases Director Suite of Multimedia Tools


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CyberLink announced last week a new suite of tools for processing video and photo creations, called the Director Suite.  Read on for details.


CyberLink announced a new professional suite of multimedia products,including a video editor, a photo editor, a color manager and an audio solution.  Here is what they announced:

CyberLink Unveils Director Suite – Revolutionary Media Production Suite for a New Era in Photo & Video Creation

New Director Suite features four best-in-class products offering a complete post-production solution for digital video and photo editing 

London, UK, 19 September 2012CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a provider of innovative media creativity solutions, today announced Director Suite – a new line-up of professional products designed to empower users with the tools to create compelling digital media content. Director Suite includes the latest versions of award-winning PowerDirector and PhotoDirector along with two brand new products for post-production color grading and sound design, ColorDirector and AudioDirector.

Fueled in large part by the ubiquity of devices able to capture high-quality media, an explosion in user-generated photo and video content has given rise to a consumer appetite for multimedia tools they can use to tell stories and express themselves creatively. CyberLink’s Director Suite is the first truly integrated collection of professional software products designed to cater directly to this demand.

“We’re witnessing a true revolution in the way people use videos and photos; they are no longer merely a passive means of recording moments but rather a powerful tool for self expression.” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “The drive to create transcends all levels of proficiency, attracting everyone from novices to pros and Director Suite recognizes this by taking professional media creativity tools and presenting them in a way that meets the needs of all users.”

Introducing CyberLink Director Suite

Director Suite includes PowerDirector 11, PhotoDirector 4, ColorDirector and AudioDirector. Full interoperability between PowerDirector and the other members of the Creative Director Family allows for seamless round-trip editing.

The world’s fastest 64-bit video editor. Packed with power, performance and high quality professional production tools.

Comprehensive photography workflow with advanced editing tools to create picture-perfect photos.

Advanced creative color controls to enhance and correct the colors in videos. Add life and drama to movies.

Professional audio recording, editing and restoration software. Give videos astounding audio for true cinematic quality.

Product Availability

CyberLink Director Suite is available today. It can be purchased from the CyberLink online store and will be available in retail channels from October 2012. Products in Director Suite may also be purchased separately.


Director Suite is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean.


CyberLink Creative Director Family Pricing

Director Suite GBP 239.99

(Includes PowerDirector 11, PhotoDirector 4, ColorDirector and AudioDirector)

PowerDirector 11 From GBP 59.99 to GBP 199.99

PhotoDirector 4 From GBP 79.99 to GBP 114.99

ColorDirector GBP 99.99

AudioDirector GBP 99.99

The Director Suite pricing Stateside is $299.99 and is available now.  Go check it out!

Buy Director Suite in the UK Buy Director Suite in the US
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