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Raspberry Pi Compliance Update from Farnell UK


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Yesterday we told you about the CE issue around the Raspberry Pi boards – this morning I received an update from Farnell UK on the situation.

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This is the email I just received:

In recent days you may have heard various reports on the Web about Raspberry Pi, the need for compliance testing and possible further delivery delays.

We recognise the impact on our customers of the constantly changing delivery dates, and we apologise for the frustration and disappointment this is causing. We will supply you with accurate delivery dates just as soon as we can, as the Boards undergo compliance testing.

It is clear that many of our customers will be using the Raspberry Pi as a finished product, not just an engineering development board. As such, we see it as the most responsible approach to ensure that all Pis meet the required standards for finished products in all territories.

We are therefore going through a much accelerated compliance process, working closely with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and RS Components. We take our commitment and responsibility in this area very seriously and believe the short-term delays, whilst frustrating, will be worthwhile to ensure our customers receive a fully compliant product.

The exact situation at the present time is as follows:

  • 2000 Raspberry Pi’s are now in the UK.You can see pictures of them leaving the factory in China here;
  • The compliance teams of element14, RS and Raspberry Pi are working round the clock with the testing houses to assess the product now.  Any issues that are identified (hardware or software) will then need to be rectified and we will ensure this happens as quickly as is humanly possible.
  • There are different compliance standards around the globe. We are focused on meeting all of those as quickly as possible. Some may take longer than others.
  • As soon as these initial 2000 Boards are compliant to at least one set of required standards, we will receive our share of this first batch from Raspberry Pi and ship these to customers in the locations where the compliance standards have been met on a strictly first come, first served basis. Those who ordered first in those countries will receive the product first.
  • Regrettably we cannot give any firm delivery commitments on Raspberry Pis until this testing is complete. Please be assured we will provide this information as soon as we can.
  • Once the product is fully compliant our manufacturing partners have the necessary stocks of components to ramp up production very quickly. So, despite these frustrating, initial delays we are confident the picture will improve and lead times for new orders will reduce.
  • We will email you individually to confirm your personal delivery date as soon as we are able to. We will continue to share generic information, but recognise that it is the detailed specific information to your order that is most important to you.
  • We will continue to post news and updates on our element14 community. Next week, on April 4th, Raspberry Pi founder, Eben Upton will give a 40-minute webinar on programming the Raspberry Pi as part of our element14 Design Flow series.
    To join the 2000+ Pi fans who have already registered to attend and learn more Click here

Once again we apologise to all of our customers for this delay in providing the hotly awaited Raspberry Pi. Despite these initial teething troubles, we’re certain you’ll be delighted with the end result.

“We have spoken with BIS this morning, and have been told that, given the volumes involved and the demographic mix of likely users, the development board exemption is not applicable to us; as a result, even the first uncased developer units of Raspberry Pi will require a CE mark prior to distribution in the EU…… ….we are working with RS Components and element14/Premier Farnell to bring Raspberry Pi into a compliant state as soon as is humanly possible.”

From Farnell element14

Check out A Slice of Raspberry Pi at Beeb@30 post from earlier in the week
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