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My Movies Collection Management for Windows Media Center 4.02 PR8 Released


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As well as the PR8 updates for My Movies 4.02 for Media Center and My Movies 2.10 PR8 updates for Windows Home Server 2011, Brian has also released version 4.02 PR8 of the Collection Management component.


Here is the changelog:

Added: Option to mark a disc as being a bonus disc. This is to be used for TV Series mapping instructions and for future option of displaying bonus discs in Windows Media Center.

Change: DVD Profiler import changed to new online import option. This deprecates the option to import just data.
Change: Print Report changed to online option. This deprecates existing print report option.

Fix: Translation on column headers in Synchronize status window.
Fix: Season view in CM now shows multiple episodes with same episodenumber, if these are present.
Fix: Not all instructions in ‘Report Invalid Data’ was visible.
Fix: Some paths could cause a crash when uploading online collection.
Fix: Not owned episodes that have been removed on the server are now removed upon update of a TV Series.
Fix: DiscConnections to TV series are now removed when folder monitoring deletes a title.
Fix: Better handling of databases in incorrect states.
Fix: Missing check in folder monitoring and updating of TV Series.
Fix: Handshake timeout could time out when synching online collection
Fix: Better error messages when downloading not owned episode.
Fix: TV Series accepts that there is no country information.
Fix: Sync time has been improved.
Fix: Improved synchronization speed.
Fix: Ensuring that unidentified discs could not hammer service.
Fix: Issue with reset of collection numbers.
Fix: Exception in SQL sentense that could give issues syncing online collection.
Fix: The automatic location changer may have had problems with letter casing.

Before installing a pre release version, you must make a backup of your database. There are no guarantee that a pre release version functions as expected, and it should therefore only be used for evaluation purposes. The database backup ensures that you can revert back to the latest stable version.

My Movies 4.02 Pre Release 8 can be used as client for My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10 Pre Release 8 or My Movies for Windows Home Server 2.00.

MM CM 402 PR8

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