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A How-to Guide for DVBLink v4 and MediaPortal


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If you would like to use DVBLink v4 and MediaPortal, there is a very useful how-to guide in the DVBLogic forums.


This guide was posted today in the DVBLogic forums and is worth a read:

This is a small guide for using DVBLink v4 with MediaPortal.

Follow these instructions.
1. Configure DVBLink v4 to fit your DVBLink needs.
2. Install MediaPortal (TVServer).
3. Download the DVB-IP patch for the TVServer part. (Follow the instructions on the page for installing it) … ter-96726/

The tricky stuff.

i. Single Tuner Guide
Go to the mp tuningparameters path for DVBIP (x:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\TuningParameters\dvbip\)
Create a new tuning file ex. DVBLink.Comhem.m3u

Write this in the file


#EXTINF:0,SVT1 … l=10370000
#EXTINF:0,SVT2 … l=10390000

<Channelname> Speaks for itself the name of the channel you want to link to the stream
<Serverip> Doh!!! if u dont know what it is stop reading here
<ClientIdentifier> can be just about anything without spaces, for simplicity i use AAAAAAAAA
AAAAAAAAA is what the stream will identify as (client so to speak).
<ChannelTuningFrequens> Open up the dvblink_channel_storage.xml (located in x:\Program Files (x86)\DVBLogic\DVBLink\)
Search for the channel name, it will look something like this.

<category>\DVB-C ComHem Göteborg\TV\By Name\</category>

Here you are intereseted in the <frequency>10370000</frequency> line, add the number to the <ChannelTuningFrequens> part of the url.

Repeat for ALL your channels, end result will look something like this depending on how many channels you got.
#EXTINF:0,SVT1 … l=10370000
#EXTINF:0,SVT2 … l=10390000
#EXTINF:0,SVT1 HD … l=10380000
#EXTINF:0,SVT2 HD … l=10400000
#EXTINF:0,TV3 … l=10520000
#EXTINF:0,TV4 … l=10530000
#EXTINF:0,Kanal 5 … l=10270000

Now load up MP Server Config goto TV Servers > <YourServersName> in the top of the right column make sure you have atleast one DVBIP card active.

Go to the DVBIP card to scan and choose the tuning file you created DVBLink.Comhem.

Make sure the checkboxes are unchecked and then press scan and your channels will show up.

After the scan go to the TV Channels > Channels tab and make sure ALL your channels are GREEN (Free to Air) THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!

If the channels are red (Crypted) you wont get any picture.

Changing the channels to FTA is as simple as right clicking the channel and choose edit channel and tick Free to Air checkbox.
All done for singel tuner setup!!!

ii. Multituner Setup (example is for 4 tuners)

Follow the Singel tuner setup guide all the way to the MP Server Config part, dont load up the server just yet!

Copy the file that we created DVBLink.Comhem.m3u to DVBLink.Comhem2.m3u, DVBLink.Comhem3.m3u, DVBLink.Comhem4.m3u.
Edit the newly created files and change the <Clientidentifier> to something else, for simplicity ive made it BBBBBBBBB for DVBLink.Comhem2.m3u
CCCCCCCCC for DVBLink.Comhem3.m3u and DDDDDDDDD for DVBLink.Comhem4.m3u.

Now load up MP Server Config goto TV Servers > <YourServersName> in the top of the right column make sure you have 4 DVBIP cards active.

On the first card scan with DVBLink.Comhem.m3u, on the second use DVBLink.Comhem2.m3u and so on.

When this is done you will end up with 4 duplicate channels of every channel in the Channels tab.

And as before make sure ALL the channels are green (Free to Air) even the DUPES!!

Then go to TV Channels > Mappings and make sure that every tuner just has 1 channel of every channel assigned to each tuner and not all 4.

Then we go to TV Channels > TV Combinations

Mark the first channel in the left column and you will get channels that are 100% match in the right column

Mark the channels that are 100% match and press combine, then do this for all your channels.

After this go to TV Channels and under Channels you will only see one channel of each channel and no dupes.

Now the Tuningdetails column of each channel under channels will say 4 instead of 1.
If all this checks out for you then you are good to go Enjoy MediaPortal with multiple tuners and DVBLink!!!

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