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Plextor Launch M2P Series Solid State Drive with True Speed Technology


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Plextor are expanding their existing quality SSD range with the launch of the M2P Series SSD with ‘True Speed’ technology, providing speedy and sustained levels of high performance to users.


Plextor aims to create SSD products that achieve the best-in-class performance across realistic tests, which are efficient in every application and run at sustained speeds for their entire lifetime. The M2P Series, a successor to the M2S series announced earlier this year, is a 2.5” internal solid state drive (SSD) which meets this vision, with improved random and sequential performance.

With advanced firmware ensuring that speed and reliability keeps consistent throughout the product lifespan, the M2P Series remains close to the promised performance even after years of continuous use, making it a preferable choice for consumers and businesses who want to make sure essential data is secure and safe.

The launch of the M2P series – the second SSD this year from Plextor – demonstrates the company’s focus and dedication towards the SSD industry. With the storage market ever growing, SSDs continue to complement existing systems alongside HDD in the short and mid-term and in the longer term may replace them entirely to host the OS and working environment as a stable and faster solution to HDD. With the cost difference decreasing, SSDs are fast becoming seen as essential upgrades by many technology experts.

Key Features:

* 2.5” Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

* True Speed Technology for sustained performance over time

* Improved random read and write speeds of 70,000 / 65,000 IOPS

* Uses server-grade Marvell 88SS9174 controller chip

* Supports SATA III 6Gb/s interface and highest quality Japanese NAND flash

* Boasts lowest average annual failure rate (AFR) across industry

* Bundles free upgrade software and 3.5” bracket for HDD to SSD conversion

* Unrivalled 3 year on-site warranty and service support

M2P Series offers sustained stability and performance with True Speed:

Many SSD manufacturers convey speeds reflecting compressed data in a simulated benchmark test, however in reality the performance is much lower since many formats of data (JPEG, MP3 etc) are already compressed. In addition, many benchmark tests are completed on an empty drive – and whilst the drive will provide the expected performance whilst empty, it will drop significantly after continued use.

What’s more, through extended use and data storage, some SSDs on the market reach a ‘dirty’ state over time, and some users have found a significant performance drop after 2-3 months as a result.

The Plextor M2P Series is different to other SSDs on the market and offers ‘True Speed’ technology – a welcome solution to these issues which utilises exclusive firmware to deliver stability and consistency and avoiding any loss in performance over time.

Instant Restore, Global Wear Levelling and Bad Block Management are three intelligent features which work together to make up ‘True Speed’ technology and ensure that users can experience high speeds and the promised performance levels consistently throughout the lifespan of the drive.

Improved read and write speeds with advanced controller technology:

The M2P Series offers improved read and write speeds to its predecessor (M2S Series), with random read and write speeds of 70,000 / 65,000 IOPS and sequential read and write speeds of up to 500MB/s and 440MB/s.

Powered by the server-grade Marvell 88SS9174 controller chip, the M2P supports the latest generation SATA III 6Gb/s interface and the highest quality Japanese NAND flash from industry leader Toshiba.

Stringent factory tests ensure the highest quality:

Speed and performance are not the only aspects which Plextor pay close attention to. Quality and service are also high priority, and the M2P Series SSDs undergo a number of stringent tests before they leave the factory, some of which are the highest standard in the industry.

Such tests include 22.5 hours of 60 degree celcius burn-in tests, Ongoing Reliability Test (ORT) and being put through the rigours of the industry’s highest level FLEXSTAR(r) testing machine to simulate a real working environment.

As a result, the M2P boast the lowest average annual failure rate (AFR) across the entire industry – a commendable 0.59%.

No-fuss software to help migrate from HDD to SDD:

The M2P Series bundles Acronis True Image Software, making it quick, easy and fuss-free to migrate data from a traditional HDD to the M2P Series SSD. The process clones the entire partition/drive, ensuring no data is lost during the upgrade and even eliminating the need to re-install the operating system.

The M2P Series also bundles a bracket which enables users to install the SSD inside 3.5” slots of desktop casings.

Exceptional warranty and service to offer complete peace of mind:

Plextor offers phone support across Europe in 11 languages with local phone numbers for users to dial, with additional email and website support.

Unlike many others of its kind, the M2P SSD offers an added level of reassurance with the Plextor ‘Fast Warranty Service’ – a 3 year on-site warranty across the EU, Norway and Switzerland (1 year elsewhere), enabling users to arrange repairs of non-working products directly with Plextor – so users can feel secure in the knowledge that this must-have device is covered for longer, and avoid the hassle of returning goods to the retailer/third party.

Pricing, Availability & Specifications:

The M2P will be launching in Europe and UK in October 2011. Pricing is as follows:

PX-128M2P (128GB) – Approx £200 inc VAT

PX-256M2P (256GB) – Approx £383 inc VAT

M2P-02(1) Retail Box 256GB

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