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Orbitsound Raises the Bar with the T12v3


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Yesterday Orbitsound announced its new T12v3 soundbar for your iPod or iPhone and a few weeks ago I had a listen.


A few weeks ago I got a preview of the T12v3 and I have to say I really liked it. The sound was amazing. And it had to be at £299!

Here is what Orbitsound said:

Acclaimed British audio technology brand, Orbitsound today announces the T12v3 soundbar which will launch to market in September. Its flagship product upgrade still delivers the ‘spatial sound’ experience that Orbitsound is famous for, but now has even greater sound clarity, improved bass response and extended volume range.

The technical improvements to the T12v3 are significant. A smoother, tighter bass response has been achieved with an improved subwoofer, allowing the T12v3 to perform in most room sizes without compromising on quality. The main speaker drives include higher quality components which produce a more rigid, balanced, cleaner sound stage and the system is now more powerful. Aesthetically, the T12v3 has remained faithful to the original form, the elegant, high-gloss unit perfect for sitting almost unnoticed in front of a flatscreen TV. A metal speaker grill gives a more high-end finish and also ensures the sound is more acoustically transparent. The unit, again, couldn’t be simpler to install with no multiple speakers and no messy wires.

The patented ‘spatial stereo’ technology incorporated in the device is capable of reproducing true, stereo surround sound from one single unit, something other conventional sound systems simply cannot achieve. Eliminating the much accepted notion of a ‘sweet spot’, the T12v3 effectively reproduces surround sound wherever you are standing or sitting in the room. Moreover, the sound produced is much more faithful to the original audio recording and more akin, for example to watching an acoustic live musical performance or play.

The team behind Orbitsound includes Founder Ted Fletcher, a former musician and renowned audio electronics designer, who has previously worked with legendary producer Joe Meek, The Eagles and Elton John. Ted Fletcher said “In essence, Orbitsound is reinventing the wheel. The sense of depth and space experienced with our technology is simply not possible to achieve when listening to a traditional ‘left’ and ‘right’ speaker system. The result is that the ‘spatial sound’ is more pure, truer; it is essentially how sound deserves to be heard. If the ‘perfect’ sound really does exist, then we’re coming even closer to replicating it.”

Orbitsound has already proven a massive hit with music and film fans alike. In less than a year, UK sales of the T12v2 soundbar have already rivalled those of more well known brands and for good reason: the technology really works. Orbitsound is working closely with retail partners including John Lewis and Harrods and has recently signed a deal with UK distributors Widget. The launch of the T12v3 will open more doors to a wider consumer audience and the company hopes to establish Orbitsound as a household name. John Cameron, Orbitsound’s Chief Operating Officer, said “We are delighted to be launching the T12v3 to market in September. The commercial success of the T12v2 has been overwhelming and we are thrilled to bring consumers a significantly improved model in the T12v3, at the same price point and in time for Christmas.”

The T12v3 comes with an upgraded remote control with extended range and controls all playback options and menu functions as well as volume, source and tone. TV streaming is possible through the dock (iPod and iPhone) so the user can watch or listen to any library song, TV programme or film. The T12 also features a 3.5mm stereo jack, and inputs for the latest digital TVs, CD, MP3/MP4, laptop and desktop computers and games consoles.


Pricing & Availability

The T12v3 soundbar costs £299 and will be available from September 2011. For more information about the Orbitsound and the T12v3, visit

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