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Integrity Checker Developer Interview


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I recently caught up with Jim from ElectronGoo, the firm that developed Integrity Checker, Snoop De Dupe, and Time Traveller WHS.  Read on for details!


First, here is how ElectronGoo describes themselves:

electrongoo [/i-lek-tron-goo/] is a software technology company, located in Nevada, founded by well versed professionals dedicated to creating the best in-class applications. We’re a small Microsoft BizSpark startup focusing on multiple platforms: Windows Home Server, Small Business Server, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone, and Android; as well as all the cool fragments which adheres these disparate platforms.
The company drives toward a united, focused, solution while also allowing our engineering talent to tackle independent research ideas which, many times, derive into a product of their own!
Our engineers have an average of 12+ years’ experience in the industry: best-in-breed and here to make a mark.

We told you a little about Integrity Checker here.  As a refresher, here is how ElectronGoo describes the product:

In this digital age, data originates from many paths and numerous devices. With your server at the heart of your data, it’s necessary for you to guarantee integrity. Integrity Checker runs on your Windows Server; quietly, efficiently, and automatically watching for new data. As data is detected, Integrity Checker automatically generates hash-stamps to guarantee the integrity of your data.
Integrity Checker supports Windows Home Server, Windows Home Server 2011, and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials.

Features at a glance …

  • Supports Windows Home Server (original and 2011)
  • Supports Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials
  • 160-bit SHA-1 hash stamping for optimum integrity
  • Automatic, real-time continuous integrity generation
  • Run an integrity scan any time you choose
  • Compare checksums of large downloads quickly and efficiently
  • Includes PC Client (Windows XP, Vista, 7) for easy checksum comparison on all your PC’s
  • User selectable Shares
  • Easy to navigate Server add-in runs directly in the Server Console or Dashboard
  • User-configurable file detection: real-time, scheduled, or manual mode
  • Integrity scan results integrated with Windows Clipboard for easy data review
  • Multiple types of integrity scans: full system scan, folder scan, and individual file scan
Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy
My tech interests include WHS, media streaming, and gaming, among others!


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