MicrosoftWindows Home ServerNew WHS Add-in Released: Snoop-De-Dupe

New WHS Add-in Released: Snoop-De-Dupe


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A new add-in for WHS was released today, Snoop-De-Dupe.  It aims to help you manage duplicate files on your home server.
Jim from SnoopDeDupe.Com contacted us today to let us know of a new add-in available for WHS.  Here’s what he had to say:
A new add-in for Windows Home Server was released today: Snoop-de-dupe! It watches your server in real-time and notifies you when duplicate files appear on the server. You can view the duplicates and take action on them (delete, create a hard-link to save HDD space, or ignore) directly from the Home Server Console. A version supporting Windows Home Server (original) is now available; support for WHS/SBS 2011 is coming soon.
Product features:
  • Supports Windows Home Server
  • Automatic, real-time continuous file de-duplication scanning
  • 160-bit SHA-1 de-duplication hash for optimum results
  • Windows Home Server Console integration
  • Pause and Resume operation at any time for maximum efficiency of your server
  • Select any folders of your choosing on your server for de-duplication scanning
  • Simple, easy-to-view heads-up status display to monitor progress
  • Easy to navigate list of duplications for: deleting, linking, or ignoring duplicate files
  • Quick-launch feature allows for viewing contents of duplicate files
  • 15 day free trial available
I’ll be reviewing this one soon, so stay tuned for updates.
Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy
My tech interests include WHS, media streaming, and gaming, among others!


  1. So is everyone happy installing software on their home server which by very definition will scan every file, from a company which has no contact details, no phone number, no information at all.

    • A lot of WHS add-ins, in fact most of them are written by small companies or just by a single developer. There is an email address on their website you can email if you want to know more about them, but maybe they could have put some more information about themselves on their website.

      I happen to know that the company in question in a brand new start-up coming working on a number of different products, so hopefully they will take that feedback onboard.

      Like any add-in, or any piece of software for that matter, if you want the functionality, you should investigate the company more, so you do bring up a good and valid point.

  2. fyi, the current download of Snoop De Dupe is stampted with a digital class 3 certificate. Signed by the developing company.

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