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HDHomeRun Prime CableCARD Tuner Now Available to Preorder


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As you know, here at UWHS we are big fans of the HDHomeRun (Tim has several) and back at CES Tim talked to Silicon Dust about their forthcoming HDHomeRun Prime. Well now its available for pre-order.


Product Features
  • Three Tuners: Anywhere on Your Network QAM64/256
  • TV sources: Unencrypted digital cable TV, Premium digital cable TV
  • Works with popular DVR software
  • Works with existing HDHomeRun Units, HDHomeRun PRIME can be added to your existing, HDHomeRun device set up to allow for additional tuners on your home network, Allows multiple signal input sources on the same network
  • Compatible With: Windows Media Center (for use with encrypted or copy controlled content), Other Popular DVR Programs (for use with copy freely content)
Technical Details
  • Model: HDHR3-CC
Check out the Silicon Dust website to sign up for more information

The retail price appears to be under $220, with Amazon having it now for pre-order at $207.20. So what are you waiting for, pre-order yours today! And let us know!

Here is a little video on the Prime:

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


  1. Was trying to get a better understanding of these as they look like a good option. Maybe a good topic for an article would be how to set up your whole house with one of these on a budget. What’s the best option(s) for connecting to multiple TV’s around the house? HTPC’s? Are there any good options that are small and cheap? Media Center Extenders? Any other HD options besides xbox? For multiple TV’s do you need an extender and computer for each?

    • As soon as these units are available we will have articles for set up and use.

      As for the other six questions in your comment:

      What’s the best option(s) for connecting to multiple TV’s around the house?

      The best options I have found for connecting TV/HTPCs in the house is either through Home Group or by connecting all of the PCs to a Windows Home Server.


      HTPCs are a great way to enjoy all forms of digital entertainment. You have options such as the Dell Zino, HP Slimline or you can even use an existing Windows 7 PC.

      Are there any good options that are small and cheap?

      You can buy a small Windows 7 desktop PC to connect to your LCD/plasma TV for about $300 from Best Buy, Dell or HP.

      Media Center Extenders?

      Extenders are great and cost less than an actual PC. Xbox allows for Netflix and can connect to another Windows 7 PC on the network to share content. The Xbox is the only option for viewing the Copy Protected content you record with a CableCARD on a device other than the original device.

      Any other HD options besides xbox?

      There are many HD options other than Xbox. You have to find the option that works for your content, however I find the Xbox the easiest to connect and most affordable with consoles now under $200. You can also look at other HD devices that go beyond extending. Check out Boxee, Slingbox or media players like the WD TV Live Hub.

      For multiple TV’s do you need an extender and computer for each?

      You can run either an extender and/or a PC on each TV. The choices depend on your usage. A bedroom or kids room TV might do well with an extender while a living room TV would be better suited to a PC. For example, you could run an HTPC on the main TV and then have two extenders connected to that PC on two other TVs. Any content you recorded with the PRIME on the PC would be viewable by the extenders. Keep in mind that all devices will require connection to your home network and all devices to be turned on.

      HDHomeRun PRIME

      Since this post was about the SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME it is important to know a few facts about all PC-based CableCARD devices:

      • This device requires a CableCARD and service from your cable provider. Additional charges and restrictions could apply.

      • Your PC must be running Windows 7* and meet some basic performance requirements before you can use the CableCARD tuner.

      • If your provider uses Switched Digital Video then you will need at least one Tuning Adapter.

      • Any recorded shows labeled as Copy Protected will not be viewable across the network by other PCs. Only an extender (Xbox) attached to the PC that recorded the content can view the recording.

      *There is an exception to this fact but it is legacy hardware.

      For more information on the basics of CableCARD, see our installation article at:

  2. It seems that Amazon have now removed the HDHomeRun Prime completely from their website – I really hope this doesn’t mean there are problems!

  3. Hi, Andrew/Tim,
    Many thanks for your continued laymen’s guides – theyve cost me loads of money…

    Im digesting all this HD Homerun Prime v Ceton… Here’s my situation and questions: Im a huge soccer fan and having access to ESPN&2 in HD is a necessity.

    So, Ive reviewed your other (excellent) articles on installing the tuners (Im running Win7 Pro on 4 boxes(2 dedicated to run TVs) and a HP ex485 WHSv1).

    My questions:
    1) Is there still copy protected content that wont be viewable on other PCs? (If so) How do we know what is and isnt copy protected?
    2) The HD Homerun Prime describes having the ability to share or utilize the HD HR-Prime tuner among different PCs, even though it connected to one single PC (is that correct)?
    3) End Game for me is to dump my Comcast DVR @$16/mo and have the added ability to have HD comcast cable content available live and/or recorded to any room in the house (currently we only have one comcast DVR so only one TV with ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, etc). Will one of these devices get me there?

    • 1.) Yes. The Cable provider assigns Copy Protection and WMC will assign that restriction to the PC that recorded it. You can view the Copy Protection with only the PC that recorded it or with an extender such as an Xbox that is connected to the PC that did the recording.

      Nothing over the air is copy protected. Only certain shows are Copy Protected. Most cable channels beyond the “basic” are Copy Protected.

      2.) Yes. The new Prime will allow you to share the three tuners across your network. It is connected to your network (and possibly tuning adapters) but not a single PC like the competition. Copy Protection will still apply though, so record the shows on the PCs you expect to play them on.

      3.) Yes. Once you have a Prime you can then use the three tuners on your PCs. For example, your wife can be watching Wheel of Fortune on the living room HTPC, you can be watching SGU on the office PC and you can be recording soccer on ESPN on the same PC. Keep in mind that both the soccer game and SGU (although moved to the EX485 by WMC) will only be playable on the PCs that recorded those shows while WoF will be playable on any PC on the network since it is not Copy Protected.

      Every cable company is different with how they assign Copy Protection AND you may need two Tuning Adapters if your cable provider uses switched digital video.


      • Thx, Tim! Thats what i needed to know. Itd be nice if the HDHR Prime were internal but still looks to be a good buy at $220.
        Now, if i can get Comcast to bring me a working Cablecard… I had 3 visits from them when i originally tried to get a c-card and none worked. (I think its a gimmick – the shifty evil b***ards).

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