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Xtreamer 2.7.0 Firmware Update Now Available


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As you are all probably aware, we are huge fans of the Xtreamer Media Streamer. One of our readers, Rockwell7 contacted me to say that the latest version of the firmware just came out, version 2.7.0.


This firmware update mainly contains Facebook related updates for the Xtreamer – but if you haven’t updated your firmware for a while, and I haven’t, there will be lots of little changes, tweaks and bug-fixes for you.

If you want to see how easy it is to update the firmware, take a look at the video for the last firmware I updated by clicking here.

And if you want to learn more about the Xtreamer, take a look at a couple of the articles I wrote below:

UWHS Review of the Xtreamer UWHS Review of the Xtreamer Cooler

Download Links

Xtreamer Mk1 and SideWinder (Mk2)
Update: http://download.xtre…
Emergency: http://download.xtre…
Update: http://download.xtre…
Emergency: http://download.xtre…
Update: http://download.xtre…
Emergency: http://download.xtre…
Update: http://download.xtre…
Emergency: http://download.xtre…

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. It is a long story, but I can give some highlights.

    Xtreamer have a very, very long history of marketing stuff that they do not have.

    Initially, they advertised the Xtreamer with having a movie jukebox, prior to the product launch – it was advertised as a primary feature of the product.

    At the time the product was launched, there were no movie jukebox, but instead a useless PC based software which was more or less a direct copy of the YAMJ project. They released this with violations of almost everything – first of all the open source terms YAMJ was based on, violation of IMDB terms of use and more.

    Then the movie jukebox suddently no longer were a product from Xtreamer – it was a community project that Xtreamer was not reliable for.

    Since the initial release, a movie jukebox have been promised, but never delivered.

    The issue is the same again now with their Xtreamer Ultra – promises of bitstreaming audio ends up again being false.

    I can try to find some of the old threads from last time they put forward a product with a bunch of lies and false statements. A few recent links:

    This is a company that deserves no mention anywhere basically, in my mind, this is a company that deserves to die in full due to their way of doing business.



    • thanks Brian – I wasn’t aware of any of that. To be honest, I got the Xtreamer nearly 2 years ago now, and its worked perfectly for my needs so I never really saw any of what you mentioned until now.

  2. I can totally understand why someone would miss it, because they are are very fast on deleting posts on their forums, and at the same time, whenever there is some of these negative posts, they have a whole team of internal people who jumps to the topics to tell how amazing the product is.

    My Movies actually stores meta-data for it, because we implemented that before the product was available, and all of this started.

    This is a company behaving so badly that we several times have considered removing the functionality, and adding official warnings against them in the software.

    In my mind, it is therefore also a company that deserves absolutely no mention, because – there are so many other media player products out there that can be recommended over this – some of them may cost a little bit more, but at least the supplier cares just a little bit about their customers.

    I thought you should know – then you can read about everything yourself and make up your mind based on it – I just think that you are not doing any of your readers a favor by forwarding news from their marketing…



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