Our friends at Amulet have been in touch to let us know about a new beta release of their Voice Remote software, a drop in price and also they are looking for beta testers for My Movies in the US.

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Amulet Devices today announced that their their Amulet Voice Remote for Windows 7 Media Center will now be available for just $149 + shipping.

This innovative remote control, shown at CES 2010 & 2011, allows control of Windows Media Center through simple voice commands. It is fully compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 7 Media Center.


Significant new features added include:

  • EPG search – you can now say “Search for <name>” to find all programs matching <name> in the program guide
  • YouTube search – integrated YouTube Leanback player, say “Search YouTube for <name>” to find videos about <name> (freeform dictation) or “Search YouTube for This Music / Song / Movie / Program / Channel” to find YouTube videos relating to what you are currently watching or listening to.
  • MyMovies support – now recognizes all movies in the MyMovies database and lets you play them directly using MyMovies, including ISOs, Blu-Ray, etc. that require MyMovies’ external player support. You can also use the SHOW MOVIE command to move directly to a particular title within the MyMovies gallery view.
  • New status screen in the Settings page showing what media is available, current speech recognition state, etc.
  • New customisable options

All of the new features are currently in external beta test, with the company expecting to release the software upgrade publically in April 2011. Existing users interested in participating in the beta program are encouraged to email beta@amuletdevices.com

You can learn more about the new beta here

There is also a separate My Movies Beta Program:

The next release of the Amulet software includes direct support for the popular My Movies add-on for Windows Media Center. We are looking for My Movies users to help us test it.

The My Movies support automatically adds all titles in your My Movies database to Amulet’s vocabulary and lets you view them with a simple WATCH MOVIE command. You can also navigate to a particular movie’s entry in your collection with the SHOW MOVIE command.

Other new features in this beta release include voice search of the electronic program guide by program name, an integrated YouTube client that supports searching by voice, or for videos relevant to any currently playing media, and a new status page that shows information about all the media indexed by Amulet. There are also new configurable settings, support for .m4v and iPhone video files, and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements

You can sign up for the special My Movies beta program here There is also a really good article by Tom Abell over at the HomeToys eMagazine about Amulet Voice Control that is worth a read.