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WHS Thumbnailer Add-In for Windows Home Server


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Antony Croft has released a new version of his WHS Thumbnailer add-in for Windows Home Server.


What is WHS Thumbnailer you might ask?

WHS Thumbnailer is a clever thumbnail generator for Windows Home Server created by Antony Croft.

Do you have a lot large photos on your Windows Home Server which are difficult to manage and that take too long to share with your friends and family? Are you a professional photographer and want to sell your photos from your website? Photos and graphics use a lot of server space. This can make Web pages load a lot slower. One option you have is to use thumbnails of your pictures instead. Meet WHS Thumbnailer which makes the creation of image thumbnails a breeze to manage and automate. A thumbnail is a smaller version of the same picture.

What’s New in Version

  • Fixed a cosmetic bug on the ‘Watched folders’ dialog
  • Thumbnail generation is now skipped for files whose dimensions are smaller then the thumbnail dimensions (thanks Dirk!)
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnail generation could not be paused
  • Fixed a bug where grid would flicker while updating
  • Internal WCF improvements

You can download it by clicking here: Download

Have you used it? What do you think of it? Let us know.

Thanks to HomeServerLand for the info.

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  1. I guess I'm not too smart. I d/l'd the file to my whs addins folder. dbl click'd on the *.msi file, (which was listed w/in the *.zip, did not appear in the addins folder). It ran for about a second, then disappeared. I have looked in start, programs and on the desktop, can't find anything that remotely relates to WHSThumbnailer.

  2. I selected my high level homemediaserver "photo" folder and no thumbnails were created. I have hundreds of subfolders, and do not nor should not have to add all of them. This should be the default, of at least a select button to include sub folders.

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