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HomeServerSync Add-in for Windows Home Server Information Update


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Tranquil have released a brief information update on their HomeServerSync add-in for Windows Home Server.

Here is what they say:

Beta Tester Update – 14th July 2010

Hello beta testers, some good news (besides getting some rain for our gardens in the UK)

The Offsite Backup Beta is running very well.  We have had zero issues with the storage servers.

There have been some issues with the client web portal, but these have been addressed now.
Why not check out your account – we hope you don’t you check how your offsite backups are progressing ?

Also is being populated as the final release draws near.  Why not check it out, especially the top ten benefits !

It’s planned that within the next 4-5 days the final beta will be released, the one everyone wants – the full suite including SYNC and VPN – I can’t wait !

It’s been said that HomeServerSync takes WHS out of the box, and brings it to life – we hope the final suite will not disappoint you.

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive first look at HomeServerSync here: An Exclusive First Look at the HomeServerSync Add-In Beta for Windows Home Server

And here is the top ten features as posted by Tranquil, certainly worth a read:

HomeServerSync Top Ten Features

So why is it unique?
Why are customers so excited about it?

In summary the answer is simple – HomeServerSync, like Windows Home Server provides simple set and forget background services, that just do what you want, when you want, where ever you are with no fuss.
Here’s a short list of what HomeServerSync can do for you…

1. Off site Backup
You can set and forget HomeServerSync to monitor and backup selected folders on your Home Server to our very secure data centre. Real time or scheduled backups ensure your latest files are always compressed, encrypted then sent to the data centre for long term storage.  A generous 100GB is provided with optional extensions available.

2.  Offsite Bulk Upload

Getting your files to an offsite backup server is easy, but if you have 100GBs of files to transfer, the process can take quite some time.  The optional Bulk Upload service delivers a simple solution – you backup to a USB HDD (the files are encrypted and compressed), then the HDD is sent to HomeServerSync, where the files are ‘copied’ to your account.  You can then incrementally upload new files via the internet.

3.  Offsite Bulk Download

So you have 10s, 100s or even 1000’s GB of data safely backed up, and some disaster strikes your Home Server (perhaps theft).  You can use the web service, or a new Home Server to get your files – but if you want all of the files and can’t wait for them all to come down the internet pipe, then you can request a Bulk Download.  Selected folders or your whole backup (still encrypted) is put onto a USB HDD and is sent back to you.

4.  Synchronise your Home Server and PCs

This innovative service provides a much needed facility to make your PCs truly mobile.  Simply install the HomeServerSync desktop application onto your PC and after a few security steps, including entry of your Pre-Shared Key (PSK), you are ready to go.
The system works very simply – just select which folders on your PC should sync to which folders on your Home Server.  Whether you are locally or remotely connected makes no difference, except for transfer speeds.
Home Server folder security is managed by the Home Server console as it is already.
So you can control which users can read or write to specific folders, or none at all.
The HomeServerSync manager provides numerous controls to protect your files
– Sync direction (to Server only, from Server only or both directions)
– Versioning control
– File Deletion control
– Real time or scheduled sync
Of course more than one user can update a Server Shared Folder. If used properly the HomeServerSync system means that multiple users can sync desktop PC folders with each other – with the data being stored on the Home Server too.  This is ideal for remote family members or mobile workers.

5.  VPN

Many of the HomeServerSync features are based on our own secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) system.  This service means that your PCs and Home Server can be ‘joined’ together in their own private and secure network.  This always and anywhere service releases the Home Server functions beyond your home or small office.

6.  Access your Home Server remotely

Ever needed to access your Home Server console, but where not locally connected?  Now you can access the Home Server Console and all features from anywhere in the world

7.  Backup your PCs via the internet

Although we do recommend that the first backup should be done locally, with HomeServerSync you can now backup your PCs where ever they are, ideal for remote family members or office workers.

8.  Open / restore Home Server backups

Have you ever needed to get access to an older backed up file from you Home Server, but you weren’t on the local network ?  With HomeServerSync you can get access to the PC backups, just as if you were locally connected.

9.  Access your Home Server shared folders and Home Server Desktop

With HomeServerSync, you can now continue to access your Home Server shared folders even from outside your local area network.  Now you can steam your music or share your pictures where ever you are.  If you are more advanced and need to open your Home Server desktop you can do that too, without technical issues (ie port forwarding).

10.  Web control and file access

With your HomeServerSync Offsite Backup account you can access all of your backed up files – and download / delete them.  You can set alerts to be emailed to you – see how much space you have used and much more.

So watch this space for more news later in the week.

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