MicrosoftWindows Home ServerTwonky Release TwonkyMedia Server Version 5.1.4.

Twonky Release TwonkyMedia Server Version 5.1.4.


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With all the WHS Vail news this week, the fact that Twonky has released an update to their TwonkyMedia Server slipped through the net.

A few weeks ago, we reported that Twonky had released a beta edition of their TwonkyMedia Server version 6 :

Well, last week, Twonky released an update to its current version, now at version 5.1.4.

So, what is included in this release:

Release notes for TMS 5.1.4

Bug fixes:

– fixed: Windows 7 is requesting a driver installation for Twonky
– fixed: Twonky prevents NAS from going into sleep mode
– fixed: Crashes when sharing 3gp content
– fixed: File-scanner statistics not working
– fixed: DLNA certification fails when upload is disabled
– fixed: MKV support broken for Samsung TV
– fixed: Database is rebuilt whenever TMS is restarted
– fixed: Server generates continuous disk accesses, preventing the HD entering sleep mode

To download TMS 5.1.4. for Windows Home Server, click here: Windows Home Server Setup

If you have an HP MediaSmart Server then you will have to wait until HP release the update for your MediaSmart server, but everyone else can use this one now.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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    • Thanks John

      Did it work ok as I know the advice is not to patch your HP MSS with it and to wait for HP to release their version?


      • The patch does work. It's some behind the scenes stuff that doesn't. If you RDC to the server and open http://servername:9000 you will notice some advanced setup stuff like Media Feeds, the HP version does not include this so you will end up with an error, No user credentials found. Can not authorize with the Mediafusion server

        but a normal user might not care, since HP doesn't give you this. eg, you don't know what you don't have.

        However you should just copy over the twonkymediaserver.exe, not install the addin, then you will not have the right license and Twonky server won't start.

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