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Exclusive Review of the Tranquil PC SQA Superstor Windows Home Server and SQA-Ex


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Last week Tranquil PC announced their new Windows Home Server – the massive SQA SuperStor. Well here at UWHS we managed to get our hands on one for an exclusive review, a few weeks before it’s actually shipping.

Tranquil describe the SQA Superstor :

Do you have a large media collection? The SQA SuperStor is possibly the world’s largest non-industrial digital storage appliance when coupled with suitable HDD housings, i.e. the SQA-Ex – servicing up to 40TB (40,000GB) of data capacity ! That’s approx 9000 DVDs or 60,000 CDs


Basically, the Superstor is an enhanced Series 2 SQA-5H with the addition of a couple of extra eSata ports. Make no mistake though, that makes a lot of difference to the expansion possibilities. We reviewed the Series 2 SQA-5H here:


The SQA Superstor looks pretty much identical to Tranquil PC’s SQA-5H Windows Home Server. In fact, on the model we had to review, it says SQA-5H on the case (although this may change before release).

SQA Superstor Front

The big difference between the SQA-5H and the Superstor is that the Superstor has 3, yes count them, 3, eSata ports, and each one is capable of being used as a port multiplier. Again, on our review model the eSata ports were hand cut on the casing so this is not quite what the finished one will look like.

SQA Superstor Back

Features :

2GB Memory (upgradeable)

Dual core D510 Intel CPU

1TB Low Power / Low noise HDD

4x spare HDD slots

Server recovery pack

3x eSATA ports – all supporting Port Multiplier* (i.e. 5x HDDs can be added to each eSATA port)

3 year warranty


Unit dimensions
213 (W) x 221 (D) x 195 (H) – incl feet

Unit construction
Enamelled steel (typically >70% recycled materials)

CPU cooling
Internal CPU and chipset aluminium heat sink (fan less)

64 bit ready Intel Atom D510 (2×1.66GHz) Dual Core

2x DDR2 667/800MHz (2GB fitted, one slot free)

1 – 5x 3.5? Western Digital (Green Power) – or user fitted 3.5? SATA2 HDDs

Colour options
Satin Black or High Gloss White

Front panel
Power, Mode and Backup switches, multi-coloured status LEDs and 2x USB2.0

Rear panel
12V DC power in / 4x USB2.0 / 10/100/1000 LAN / 3x eSATA (with Port Multiplier). Desk Lock

Base unit (nett) 6Kg (1x HDD fitted)

Packing box
310 (W) x 320 (D) x 290 (H) (external)

Power supply
Universal (50/60Hz – 110/240V) External AC/DC with country specific power cord

HDD support
1 – 5x 3.5” HDD supported (SATA2)

Working temp
Maximum 44’C ambient

~23dBA (1x HDD)

HDD Cooling
Hot swap 8cm Fan, with optimised speed / acoustic control

Mounting options

Power consumption
21W (base unit, with 1x HDD)

Windows Home Server PP1, 2 and 3 pre-installed
Media Pack, with Start-up CD, Restore CD, Restore DVD and USB boot key
AVA Media CD ripping engine
iTunes Server
Logitech Server

Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


    • now that would be a cool add-on – along with the USB fridge, I would never have to leave my office!

  1. Wow, Nice stuff. I agree with you on Tranquil, they are continually updating their product.

    You know what I want to see mate, say it with me. The inside.

    I'll be surprised to see Tranquil try and add the 3 esata's to the RS5 box. Loaded with 5 2TB this thing is a brick.

    Since your going to have the option of the 3 esata's, I'll recomment getting the SAFE module. I would not want to see this giant go down with almost 40TB of storage.

  2. I look forward to see how ripping goes. I noticed that the AVA media software is just CD ripping while the RS5 model since it has the DVD drive includes the DVD ripping software which is a repackaged version of MyMovies comes bundled in.

    If you can install that version on this box or the MyMovies addin, I'd like to hear from you if this thing chokes when ripping DVD's

    Thanks again,


  3. Don't stay to happy. Bought one of these a month ago and it's a brick! Daily blue screens and no technical support!

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