Tranquil Still Committed to Windows Home Server Now More Than Ever

With the shock news last week about the removal of Drive Extender from Windows Home Server Vail and now the news today that HP are out of the Windows Home Server market, people are wondering who might be next to leave – I spoke to Tranquil and they are committed now more than ever to Windows Home Server.

Tranquil PC SQA-5H SuperStor Windows Home Server Ships Today

If you have pre-ordered one of Tranquil PCs SQA-5H SuperStor Windows Home Servers then today is the day it ships.

Exclusive Review of the Tranquil PC SQA Superstor Windows Home Server and SQA-Ex

Last week Tranquil PC announced their new Windows Home Server – the massive SQA SuperStor. Well here at UWHS we managed to get our hands on one for an exclusive review, a few weeks before it’s actually available to buy.

Tranquil PC Announce the SQA SuperStor Windows Home Server

Tranquil PC today announced the SQA SuperStor, which is a Windows Home Server capable of being expanded to support 20x 2TB HDDs, so if you want to store 40,000GB if data you can!

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