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AdminiMe Add-In for Windows Home Server Special Deal for Spring


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Fellow Windows Home Server MVP Nick Asseloos, author of various WHS Add-Ins including AutoExit and AdminiMi has been in touch to let us know about a special deal for Spring.

As it is now Spring, or at least it’s supposed to be (it’s currently raining here in the UK – what a surprise), Nick has decided to run a special deal for a week, starting today (20th March 2010) were you can buy AdminiMe for 6$/6Euro/6GBP/600Yen. This deal is only for a week remember!

Nick also mentioned that there is a new update coming in the next week or too – so get in now while you can get the deal.

ASoft AdminiMe for Windows Home Server is a console add-in for Windows Home Server.

It is an add-in that constantly monitors your server without you having to do anything.
As the Home Server is a headless machine that is running non stop for long periods of times, and mostly hidden away in some closet/basement/small room; people don’t look at its ‘health’ to often.

But in reality, it could be that the server’ CPU usage is high for very long periods, or errors are occuring, memory utilization is high,…

To avoid this, you can use AdminiMe! It will monitor your server in the background without you having to do anything. And in case something goes wrong, it will notify you.
Added to this monitoring, it contains a console where you can watch all kinds of parameters in real-time. Things like CPU, memory, network, disks and all kinds of statistics like uptime, longest uptime, # of starts,…

But it doesn’t stop there, it also has shortcuts to the most relevant tools: Event Viewer, Task Manager, Performance Monitor, Remote Desktop.

You also have the option to add your own shortcuts to applications!

And next to that, there is a ‘Run-box’ which has the same functionality as the Windows Run Dialog.

There is also a screen where you can view, which users have open files to the server shares.

All events are kept in a log that can be consulted later on.

Features in AdminiMe 2010 for Windows Home Server
– Multilingual UI (supports German, French, Japanese).
– A console that shows a lot of information:
> CPU Usage (in total or per processor)
> Upload & Download speed of the network traffic
> Memory usage
> Total Disk usage
> Current Time
> System Uptime
> Longest Uptime
> Total Uptime
> # of starts
> First start
> Last start
> Detailed information on the storage (activity, temperature, disk space,…)
> All the files that have sessions open by users
> The logging of all events that occured
Handy features in the console:
> Possibility to create shortcuts to applications
> Shortcuts to important system tools: Event Viewer, Performance Monitor, Task Manager, Remote desktop
> Run box (like the Run dialog functionality in the Windows Menu)
> Automatically shut down the server when no clients are connected
Health monitoring:
– Send a mail in case of problems
– Monitoring:
> CPU (monitors the average usage over a certain amount of time)
> Memory (Memory usage)
> Harddisks (Disk space monitoring, disk temperature monitoring)
> System Event Log (Problems reported in the Event Viewer are monitored)
> WHS Events (Warning / Errors)
> Failed Remote Access Attempts
> System (warns if the system has been running non-stop for x amount of days, improper shutdown)

To learn more about AdminiMe, click here: AdminiMe 2010 Add-In for Windows Home Server

To buy AdminiMe 2010, click here:

You can also download a free version which has 99.99% of the functionality enabled, but it’s cheap, it’s great, so why not support Nick?

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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