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SqueezeBox Server Add-In for Windows Home Server Error – Reader Help Request


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One of our regular readers, Served, contacted us a few days ago to ask for help on an error he is getting when trying to open the Windows Home Server Console.

Served says that when he tries to open the WHS Console, he sees the following error:


Served also adds:

I do not have an answer to the Squeezebox issue. This occurred with the latest version ( which I uninstalled and have subsequently reinstalled. I had difficulty stopping the service – either from the Add-in page or directly from Services. It would just hang in a “Stopping” state. I have disabled it for now. When it works, it’s great.

So has anyone else come across this problem and could help Served out? If so, just leave a comment here and he will see it.

I don’t have a Squeezebox so I can’t comment.

Thanks 🙂

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. I see issues like this when addins fail to cleanup properly when they are uninstalled. They leave behind a .dll that the Console thinks exists. Since the application is gone, you get the error. I like to use
    you have to add this to the C:Program FilesWindows Home Server folder, not the addin folder. Then add a shortcut somewhere. Make sure you run the addin uninstaller first, if you get the .dll error, run the addincleanup.

    Then you can try installing the addin again if you want to use it.

  2. Hi,

    I have a HP X510, latest HP and MS updates. I also have squeezecenter and have updated to the latest version. I've not seen the problem that you have encountered sorry.

  3. The asoft Add-in Cleanup Tool really doesn't apply to me. The tool documentation sez it's only to be used when two versions of the same Add-in are being displayed in the Add-ins list. I do not see that.

    When the new version of Squeezebox got automatically downloaded to my WHS, I uninstalled the previous one, then installed the latest. I received no errors at that time and I assume the uninstall/reinstall were clean. I had no problems for a couple weeks, then the dll error message popped up.

    So, I still have the Squeezebox services Disabled until I can determine what's going on.


  4. I've seen this a few times where Add-Ins get removed or upgraded and a .dll is left behind as it's in use. So, when the new version is installed it doesn't get replaced and the old version is left contaminating the new build. Might be worth removing the Add-In again, and then checking in c:program fileswindows home server to make sure that file is removed then reinstall again?

    • Nigel, thanks for the tip. Uninstalled; found no Squeeze .dlls; re-installed; see what happens…

  5. I run Squeezebox Server 7.5 beta. I have seen this a few times – BUT – more often it is other DLLs.

    There are a few HomeServerConsoleTab.*.dll files that seem to block the loading of the Console. They rotate between Health, Media, Storage and (rarely) SqueezeCenter.

    There is a location in the Registry that stores Blocked DLL list. Once a DLL is in there, the Console will not load with that Tab. I find by removing the entry and trying again, often the Console starts right up.

    I think there are race conditions causing permissions conflicts.

  6. I have 7.4 something installed on my WHS.

    It is telling me that 7.5 is available, and indeed it is in my addins folder.

    When I try to install it says there is already a server installed and I should remove it first.

    I can't see how to remove it as it doesn't appear in the installed addins list.

    Anybody got any ideas?

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