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Installing the Zune Software on Windows Home Server Code Name Vail

James over at the Tenniswood blog had a problem trying to install the Zune software on his Windows Home Server Code Name Vail, until he came across a work around.

Restoring a PC to downgrade back to iTunes 9 on a Friday night

So yeah, I downloaded iTunes 10 as soon as it was available earlier this week. Early adopter I am. Not such a good thing this new iTunes is. Not only is iTunes 10 just another bulky application, it no longer works with Windows Home Server. I had already upgraded when all the WHS sites started talking about the incompatibility. What’s a boy to do? Restoring was my only solution. Seriously.

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Home Server Show and BYOB Podcasts on your BlackBerry

Do you have a BlackBerry and want to listen to your two favorite podcasts? Check out this quick article and video walkthrough to get the BYOB and Home Server Show podcasts on your BlackBerry!

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Backup Without Logging In

Did you know you can run a backup on a Windows Home Server connected PC prior to logging in to that PC? Just power on the PC and wait for it to become active in the Computers and Backup tab in Windows Home Server.

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Turning Off Twonky

Is your HP MediaSmart Server going SLOW? Is your CPU usage at crazy high levels? Is remote access trying your patience? Maybe Twonky is the issue. You do not have to use Twonky for it to affect your Windows Home Server!

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Creating panoramic photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery and ICE

You can create great panoramic photographs with Windows Live Photo Gallery and Microsoft ICE. Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free tool from Microsoft that most of us already have on our Windows 7 PCs.

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Windows Home Server Remote Connection Dialog

Do you get this dialog box when you connect to your Windows Home Server via Internet Explorer? Want it to go away?

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – WHS Restore with 32-bit Drivers

Last Tuesday I had an issue with the Restore of a 64-bit Dell Inspiron 15. After starting the Restore, and loading the proper Dell 64-bit network drivers, the process stopped when the WHS was not found. I have done about a dozen Restore (32-bit) with WHS but this was the first one to hang up on me. Why?

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